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Are You Deficient in This Essential Mineral? How You Can Spot The Signs!

By Clementine Beale | Published the 25th Jun 2018

Most of us have heard about the importance of taking your vitamins but what about the minerals that your body needs? Minerals are just as essential and one of the most important minerals is magnesium. Unfortunately, too many of us are lacking in magnesium without even knowing it and missing out on a range of amazing benefits. When it comes to magnesium deficiency, there are a few tell-tale signs which could indicate that your body could do with a boost of high quality magnesium.

Do you suffer from cramps?

Yep, we all know that cramps can be downright painful. Most of us have had the experience of having to hobble around at night to get rid of leg and foot cramps and they can stop us in our tracks when exercising. It’s particularly frustrating if you get them all the time! However, many people find that magnesium for cramps is a highly effective way to get relief.

Do you experience restless legs?

Restless Leg Syndrome can range from slightly uncomfortable to painful, and it seems to always be worst when you’re trying to get some shut eye. Moving your legs can help relieve the symptoms but that’s not much help when you want to sleep! Luckily, magnesium for restless legs can be an easy way to get rid of the unpleasant sensation.

Do you get muscle twitches?

While other people may not even notice, it’s pretty distracting when you have your eye twitching throughout the day. Most commonly occurring in the eyes, calves and thumbs, muscle twitches can happen throughout the body and there are a lot of possible causes, including too much caffeine, fatigue or exercise. Another possible cause for your twitching could be magnesium deficiency and a supplement can really help.

Do you struggle with insomnia?

If you’re one of those people who stares at the ceiling for hours without being able to drift off to sleep, you’re not alone. So many people are affected by insomnia and the cycle can be hard to break. If you’re not having any luck getting good quality sleep, magnesium can go a long way to calming your body and mind which will help you to fall asleep quicker.

Do you get aches and pains?

After an intense workout, most of us feel the burn in the days afterwards with muscle and joint soreness. It’s not just exercise that causes muscle soreness – there are a number of reasons why you might be feeling those aches and pains, such as medical conditions like fibromyalgia or period pain for women. Magnesium works amazingly well at soothing the muscles and it can help reduce those aches and pains. So how can you get your magnesium levels up safely? It’s easy with Salt Lab’s high grade magnesium oil. Our oil is easily absorbed through the skin so you can feel the benefits in a matter of hours and the high concentration lets your body absorb what it needs. Best of all it’s safe for everyone. For the best magnesium supplements, take a look at the high quality range offered by Salt Lab!