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Beat the heat and the dehydration that comes with it…

By Clementine Beale | Published the 23rd Jan 2019

Do you ever drink 3 litres a day and feel even MORE thirsty than the days you barely get a sip in? Maybe, like us, Your New Years Resolution is to drink more water throughout the day?!

Anywho, we're not really here to chat New Year's resolutions (there's enough of that flying around)...but we are here to talk about dehydration. Sounds like a snooze right? Well, bare with us...we have a bit of info and a few game-changing tips to help lift your hydration game. There's some seriously hot weather hitting our Aussie shores and stats show that most of us live our lives in a state of dehydration. Scary huh! We thought you might like a little more info on the topic so you know what you're dealing with here...just to make sure you stick with it (and so you can have that bod of yours operating at it's best, with glowing skin and lower stress levels).

Here's the science behind it...

It's a common piece of advice - "drink 8 glasses of water a day" to stay hydrated..... however, what we don’t hear is that there is much more than just water needed to stay hydrated. Our bloodstream uses electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium) to hold onto the water we consume, without these essential electrolytes our bloodstream becomes diluted.

It's true, Magnesium is responsible for over 300 reactions in the body. However, Magnesium can't do its job as smashingly as we need without Sodium and Potassium. These three combined help regulate nearly every essential bodily function and they power our cells to work optimally. These electrolyte levels are regulated by the kidneys...but, keep in mind the kidneys cannot hold onto potassium without adequate magnesium stores (your probably getting the gist by now).

So, here's the little tidbit that will make this all a little clearer - our modern-day diet can generally provide us with the Potassium and Sodium we require. However, when we find ourselves sweating excessively (ahem… Australia’s current weather conditions) or exercising intensely or you're just a sweater (we get it, wink wink)...then these electrolytes will be reduced as well.

Magnesium deficiency alone can reduce your body’s ability to replenish these other important nutrients, but coupled with the other things happening in daily life, we need everything to be supported by Magnesium in order to keep those stores at their optimal levels.

Here's what you need to do:

If you've ever been in hospital and needed an IV of fluid, these little bags are a mix of water and the above mentioned essential electrolytes. So, lets get ahead of the game and replenish these electrolytes prior to dehydration smashing you in the gullet (Note: An early sign of dehydration is simply thirst…..Yep just the need to down a bottle of ice cold water…. So we have probably all felt a level of dehydration before, and know what to look for…).

This is a friendly reminder to ensure we top up where we need to…

Game-changing tips: Don’t be afraid of salt, particularly with these warmer days. Increase your magnesium on the daily, and eat as much fruit and veg as you can.

Hot Tip #1: Add a pinch of pink Himalayan rock salt & lemon to your water to help replenish your body’s sodium levels.

Hot Tip #2: Add an extra dose of Magnesium to your day. In the morning after your shower and before work, apply Salt Lab Magnesium Oil to the upper part of your body (above your heart) to promote energy production.

Hot Tip #3: Eat all the fruit and veggies your little heart desires for your daily dose of potassium (Bananas are a goodie).