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Did you know you lose magnesium every time you sweat?

By Clementine Beale | Published the 23rd Oct 2018

Top up your stores the easy way

We all have a bit of a sweat sometimes. Some more than others, and some at unusual times we would rather not talk about…wink, wink.

The truth is, sweating is good for us –some of us get a good sweat out at the gym, and others, well…it could be the dead of winter and we sweat just as much, which is all quite okay because sweating has a multitude of health benefits, including lowering our stress levels, strengthening muscles and helping our bodies stay fit and healthy. Plus, running around after little humans, a dog or having an active day job can all lead to you breaking out a bit of sweat at least a couple of times a week (yes, even with ultra, super strength deodorant. Soz).

magnesium oil sweat

One of the things we need to do when we sweat is drinking water, and if we are sweating excessively it is often recommended that we drink something that will top up our electrolytes. There are seven electrolytes in total, but usually, only three are focused on in electrolyte boosting drinks; sodium, calcium and potassium (and a bunch of sugar of course).

When we sweat, one of the things we sweat out of our body is magnesium. It’s one of the seven electrolytes and it's super important to our bodies- it can help with everything from regulating hormones, helping you sleep better and preventing muscle cramps. So, it’s super important to top it up after a good sweat, just like we top up our other electrolytes.

You can get it from food, but for optimal magnesium goodness, the best way to get it is back through your skin- rubbing good magnesium oil on your skin or taking a bath with a bath bomb can bring you right back to healthy levels.