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February full moon vibes by HartRoks

By Clementine Beale | Published the 19th Feb 2019

We have partnered with the incredible duo over at HartRoks (if you haven’t checked them out, get there now! They are our fav) to give us the low-down on the Feb Full Moon. This full moon is an ideal time to reflect on any changes you would like to make. Pull away from people and circumstances that demand you to constantly prove your worth and set unrealistically high expectations for you. It is time for you to move forward from any mental and emotional blockages that have been holding you back.

Jess and Beckie are giving us the heads up on what to expect during this time, as well as provide you with some full moon rituals that you might like to incorporate to help you stay grounded during what can energetically be quite a rattling time for so many of us. 

Full Super Moon: 20 February, 2:53 am (EDST)

Yes, this is a ‘super’ moon, which simply means that at this particular time the moon is at its’ closest proximity to the Earth, so ROKS OUT people! Those vibes will be beaming! This is the perfect time to charge your Roks! 

Just as the plants in your house need to be watered in order for them to thrive, your crystals also need some maintenance so that they can work their magic. Think of charging your Roks in the same way you would charge up any electrical device. Crystals can be charged from most forces of nature but our favourite force is the full moon. When the moon is full, the energy from Mother Nature is at its peak and as the moon illuminates the night sky and creates the tides to rise, it creates the perfect conditions to recharge your crystals with all of Mother Nature’s high vibes. To charge up your Roks, simply place them in a window sill, or the garden bed soil and leave them overnight. It’s ok if the moonlight isn’t visible from your Roks location.

Since a great part of our own physical makeup is water, we can also feel the strong energy of the moon during this time. If this is true for you, you might find it useful to take note of the astrological sign that the moon is projecting from. Every astrological sign has a high side (the positive and good things) and a low side (the not so nice, icky energy). When the moon reaches its full illumination these astrological qualities can become more pronounced within ourselves and if we choose to, we are given the opportunity to work through the low sides of the sign and transmute that energy into a higher frequency (the positive sides of the sign). This can all be a little overwhelming to begin with (#informationoverload), but even just having a little insight can empower you to a greater understanding of your own emotions, thoughts and moods to give you a monthly opportunity to embrace growth and change. 

Some nice rituals to help charge up your own energy can include placing yourself and your Roks in a beautiful magnesium bath (and if you don’t have a bath, a foot bath is also great). This allows you to absorb not only your Salt Lab magnesium (perfect for trying to get a full night's sleep on a full moon), but your body will also engage with the energy from your crystals, via the water. Not to mention, you get a little time out, which is always a kind gift to give your body and mind.

If a bath isn’t what you’re vibin’, you might like to lay down and listen to your favourite song whilst having your Roks resting on your body, or in the palm of your hands. A full moon can be a busy time energetically, so taking some time to chill is a good way to stay grounded during the full moon.

For more information about any New or Full Moons, what’s happening energetically and what to do with your Roks, check out

X Beckie & Jess