How can the month of May support you for life after Iso?

By Clementine Beale | Published the 01st May 2020

So, talk has started (and some actions) about the Covid restrictions lifting, life going back to ‘normal’. How are you feeling about this? Are you excited, eager to get back to the way you previously lived? Or does this conversation instil an element of fear, anxiety and unease?

I know for me it scares the living daylights out of me. I have loved the slower pace of the Iso and the reduced pressure to be everywhere, doing everything. While yes there are certain elements of the restrictions being lifted I am looking forward to like, I can’t wait until I can stop telling my children not to touch things when we leave the house and that we can’t do certain things because of the ‘coronavirus’. I am really going to miss the world slowing down. I am going to miss the sincere “How are you?” questions and the raw honest truth that is delivered in response. However, I know I have control of how I roll back out into the world when the restrictions are lifted, what I continue to make time for in my life and the way I show up and trust me, it isn’t going to be too different from what has been practiced in isolation.

90% of the conversations I have had to date have been around the anxiety and stress life after COVID is causing people, whether that is you have lost your job and are not sure what you will do next or you still have your job but the politics and fear around losing it is causing hostility and discomfort within the team or within yourself. Potentially you have your job and everything is fine but your partner has lost their job and managing that relationship is taking its toll, whatever the situation is, know you are not alone. While globally you are aware we are all navigating a new road, one we have never even thought possible, know that closer to home in the communities you network in there are people to support you and help you through this rough time. You just need to ask. And spray your mag, lots.

If this pandemic has taught us anything it is to lean into an element of vulnerability, be ok with asking for support and know that this is not a sign of weakness. Often this will also support and help the person you are asking help from, with this in mind we wanted to raise awareness of an incredible initiative Mindful in May. It is about committing to 10 minutes per day to meditation, it is the world’s largest online mindfulness fundraising campaign. The idea behind the initiative is they provide education, tools and support so you can build a sustainable meditation practice in one month. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, control anxiety, fear and panic attacks, promotes emotional health helping you have a more positive outlook on life along with many other health benefits.

Man meditating on lake

What we love about this initiative is the flow on effect joining this program has, you can choose to use this opportunity to raise money for clean water in places of need, with just $50 providing one person clean water for life. While this is totally optional and you can also choose to join the program, and focus 100% on your own mental health and wellbeing to transform your mind and life.

While stress is a very normal part of our life and the fight or flight mode we kick into when our brain sends out the stress hormones to get our body ready for the danger we are facing is vital. We have become a society that lives in this heightened ‘fight or flight’ mode, whether we are late for a meeting, or have received an email that has triggered us our reality of ‘stress’ and the need for our body to click into fight or flight has become blurred and our bodies are being flooded with stress hormones like cortisol for far too many hours each and every day. The impact this has on our overall health can range from mild immediate symptoms like headaches, stomach-aches, rapid breathing, heart racing and low sex drive to longer term more serious symptoms like increased depression, missing periods, high blood pressure and weakened immune system.

There are lots of products out there to help you with reducing your stress like our deconstructed bath bombs, nothing bad can come from laying in silence for 20 minutes while magnesium chloride from the dead sea, dead sea salts and bentonite clay work their magic on relieving the tension your body is holding onto.  Or our easy to use magnesium oil spray you can spray 2-6 sprays of on your stomach and feet at night before bed to help your mind stop racing, your nervous system calm and allow you to drift off into a deep restful sleep. However, we are such huge fans of meditation in conjunction with the above, without doubt the mind controls the body so whether you can afford to sign up to Mindful in Mayor not we would love for you to head over to our socials where we will be reminding our community each day to take 10 minutes to practice meditation and sharing our 10 minutes each day. See if you can commit to 30 days of 10 minutes a day and let us know how you feel at the end of it. We are also here for support throughout the journey should you need to reach out.