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How to use magnesium oil for game changing results

By Clementine Beale | Published the 18th Nov 2019

Salt Lab. Natural, effective magnesium products that empower you to live big.

Can we take a moment to high five you for thinking about brining Salt Lab’s Magnesium Oil Spray into your world?

Now that’s done, let’s talk about what this product will do for you...

Ready, Set, Recover.

Brilliant for helping you rejuvenate and unwind after a big gym session (or a big, stressful day). Spritz 2-6 sprays directly onto the muscles trained or area you are feeling tension, Rub in and allow to dry before covering.

Hot Tip:

Applying directly onto the muscle will allow that area to access the mineral directly resulting in fast effective relief. Yes please!!

Magnesium Oil Spray

Sleep Land.

Used before bed, this product will help you take the time to reset and truly relax before you drift off to sleep. Simply spritz 2-6 Sprays (or until the area is covered well) onto your stomach and feet.

Why Our Stomach & Feet?

Between your gut lining sits a clever little nervous system (your second brain) by applying Magnesium Oil Spray onto this area it helps slow down our thinking, calm the nervous system and allows us to drift off to sleep. Our feet have around 7000 nerve endings per foot, yep 7000 per foot. Crazy! On top of this the skin on our feet is nice and thin with minimal body fat and muscle so our body is able to absorb the Magnesium quickly for fast effective results. 

One Spray Fits All.

Our high-grade Magnesium Oil Spray is a completely safe way for athletes, pregnant and breastfeeding women, children and the elderly to soothe their skin, relax and drift off to sleep. It is essential for recovery, performance and ensuring we are operating at our peak.

For the babes (the kiddies that is):

The magic age you can start using it is around the 3 month mark, at this stage we recommend diluting slightly (50:50) with water or your favourite olive or coconut oil and apply to their feet for a couple of weeks. Once you have been using Salt Lab's Magnesium Oil for a few weeks you can venture up to their stomach and start increasing the strength, As they are only little 1 – 2 sprays for them is enough.

For the mummas:

Our need for magnesium increases by around 30% when we are growing a little human, and these little people will take everything they need from you. Yep, they will not miss out on a dime of anything.

This little bottle may just be the best thing you will purchase all pregnancy (yes, even better than the human size pillow that is now wedged between you and your hubby). See ‘Sleep Land’ recommendations as a go to non-negotiable every.single.night must-do. For those cramps that have you launching to your feet in the middle of the night, Spritz 2-6 sprays onto your legs before bed and hold the bottle close to be able to apply if one still sneaks up on you, Spray directly onto the cramping muscle rub in and wait for the relief (it will be relatively quick).

Magnesium Oil Spray for babies

Glow Factor.

Did we mention it’s super nourishing for all skin types? There’s that, too.


Our brand is vegan, 100% natural, Australian owned and made in Melbourne. We use recyclable bottles (make sure your following us on our Instagram for tips on how to re-use these), Compostable packaging and recycled paper. We strive for a minimal footprint on mother earth.

Our Magnesium products come recommended by elite athletes, you can check out the testimonials by AFL's Dyson Heppell or NRL's Sandor Earl, also often being referred to as 'the secret product to get a good night sleep' by AFLW Abbey Holmes, High profile influencers as 'Magic for the fit and healthy', and by Mummas to get a good night sleep (for the whole family). 

Please Note: As all pregnancies and children are different we always recommend consulting your medical practitioner and paediatrician before using any supplements. The information on this website is not substitute for medical advice and is for educational purposes only. Please consult your health care practitioner before undertaking any health changes. Before applying anything on your body, please do a patch test with it first.