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Magnesium Oil and Hormones are like the perfect couple

By Clementine Beale | Published the 30th Aug 2018

Here’s why…

Hormones can be hell when they aren’t working properly- am I right? From puberty to menopause and everything in between, you know when your hormones aren’t doing what they are meant to do – not only does your body feel crappy but your mind is a hot mess too. Pimples, sore boobs, irregular periods and a bit of extra hair are some of the side effects of a hormonal imbalance, and NONE of those are fun.

Magnesium Oil and Hormones

Here’s a little bit of something that’s au natural and really bloody helpful for all those yucky symptoms you might be experiencing – Magnesium! Yep, it can help with all kinds of hormonal imbalances- it’s not a replacement for any hormonal treatments recommended by your doctor, but it’s definitely something to use alongside any treatment for all those icky hormonal issues, it can help with things like: 

  • Problems with insulin levels- Magnesium helps to control insulin production AND can help to stifle sugary cravings.
  • Cortisol (aka, your stress hormone)- Magnesium has been proven to calm your nervous system, which helps you to regulate the amount of cortisol your body is producing.
  • The thyroid hormone- Without getting too technical, Magnesium is responsible for converting the inactive T4 thyroid hormone into the active form of T3. This is essential because the metabolism of your body cells are enhanced by T3. These hormones also regulate protein, fat & carb metabolism. Magnesium reduces inflammation of the thyroid and some studies suggest that it may also help prevent thyroid disease.
  • Progesterone, estrogen and testosterone- Magnesium actually helps your body make these little suckers, so you’d best make sure you have enough in your system.

Magnesium is also a terrific sleep aid, which is really important for your hormone levels. Multiple studies show that if you sleep poorly, you are more likely to have a hormonal imbalance than any other doctor google diagnosis you’ve convinced yourself of.

If you feel like your hormones are a little out of whack (or, if you are just not feeling your best self) then supplementing your diet or your lifestyle with a bit of magnesium might just do the trick. Something simple like a quick spray of magnesium oil before bed (or a magnesium oil massage from your partner before bed, awwww cute!) and a weekly magnesium bath are two is a super effective way to get more magnesium (and hormone balance) in your life.