A healthier future for your body and our planet

By Salt Lab | Published the 23rd Apr 2021

An uncomfortable feeling has been growing inside me, acknowledging that over time I have strayed from the values which drove me to establish Salt Lab in the first place. 

Salt Lab was created over five years ago with one thing in mind; to help people sleep better, recover faster and be able to turn up each and everyday as their best selves. Over this time,  with some pulling and pushing from outside influences, we felt we had strayed from our original vision and mission for this brand. So 2020 was the year we re-visited our ‘why’ and our long-term vision - with this came some big changes and even bigger (and clearer) long-term vision.

We have overhauled our entire philosophy in order to honour and salute our mission statement, and bring to life the vision that we dreamed of all those years ago. 

After launching our first product, a 250ml Magnesium Oil in 2014, it was quickly evident that this product was changing people's lives. I had clients coming in raving about the sleep quality they were getting or the relief from restless legs syndrome (RLS). One client’s grandpa could suddenly lift her children after years of suffering so severely with arthritis and being unable to pick-up his grandchildren. Hearing these stories and the impact Salt Lab Magnesium Oil was having on people’s lives inspired me to pursue channels I had no experience with, being online and product development. 

Sustainability has always been front of mind for me, with steadfast focus on nurturing you while treading lightly on our planet. This hasn’t come without some significant learning hurdles. 

We initially launched in glass bottles, as at the time this was the most environmentally gentle packaging option, but a very rocky start with plenty of broken glass, our plastic 200ml, and 100ml bottles were born.

Our community of customers has had growing interest in reducing plastic waste and an ability to reuse. Listening to this, we are so excited and proud of the changes we have made…. With our new refillable Magnesium Oil pouches, designed to use 80% less plastic than a bottle. And, our 100% home compostable Bath Salt Pouches. 

Our changes are not driven by fads or fashion, each decision has been consciously investigated to ensure we are honoring our bodies, our planet, and our minds. So after 12 months of research, trialing, and testing different types of packaging, we came across some interesting hurdles. 

For our Magnesium Oil - we tested the market on sugarcane bottles as we have seen this trend hit the market and be pushed as a more sustainable option - however, we found some very interesting literature around this and felt it didn't fit in with our ethos and the direction we are wanting to go. However we are super excited to share with you our brand new refill pouches, we are the first in the industry to offer pouch refills that use 80% less plastic than a bottle. While they are still using PLA it is an 80% reduction in plastic than bottles use, meaning you just need to purchase the bottle once, and then you can purchase refills after that.

For our Magnesium Bath Salts - we are excited to say we have gone from using plastic pouches with a small plastic bag inside (for our bentonite clay) to a 100% home compostable pouch and bag. You can literally run your bath, empty the contents in and drop the packaging straight into your home compost bin, we are so excited about this!!

So, while we are still working to be better tomorrow than we are today, we are super proud that our plastic contribution has been reduced by 80% with our oils and we will continue to research and test options to make this 100%.  Proudly our bath salts use zero plastic. 

We are so proud to know that we are helping people’s bodies, minds, and all the while caring for our beautiful world. To support this vision and be a part of the change, please sign-up for pre-order now.