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Real Magnesium Oil Reviews From Real Customers

By Clementine Beale | Published the 30th Mar 2018

Magnesium is an essential mineral with numerous health benefits. Hailed by many as a wonder product, it is known to help with muscle aches, pains and cramps as well as improving cognitive function, improving sleep and many other benefits.

So what magnesium oil uses and benefits have our customers experienced?

One of our most recent testimonials of our Salt Lab products comes from the one and only Angela Simson – Female Health and Wellness Coach and author of The Gratitude Project.

Angela uses Salt Lab Magnesium Oil Spray to help ease the muscle fatigue she experiences after pilates, and also to help relieve nighttime leg cramps. She is also a fan of our Magnesium Bath Salts which are ideal for soaking tight and aching muscles after a particularly intense workout. Let your body detox as you relax in the magnesium salts and the bentonite clay surrounded by the pleasing aroma of Sandalwood essence.

So what does Angela think of Salt Lab's magnesium therapy products? Well, as well as a noticeable improvement in her recovery time post workout, Angela has also reaped the benefits of sleeping better and waking up feeling more rested.

Our other customers are equally as satisfied as Angela, and we have a fantastic 4.9 out of 5 stars on Facebook! Here are just a few magnesium oil reviews that fill us with pride in our product and our passion.

When I have taken oral magnesium supplements in the past, such as powder or tablets I have never really noticed any benefits… ever since I have switched to using the magnesium oil from Salt Lab I have noticed that my muscles are recovering quicker and I fall into a restful sleep much easier.

Salt Lab’s Magnesium Oil is the has absolutely changed my life... I can't live without it!

Salt Lab has been an amazing help with my recovery from my . The muscle fatigue I experienced following heavy powerlifting training has been reduced so much thanks to Salt Lab’s Magnesium oil spray. Applied straight after training, it has really helped with my recovery but also has greatly improved the quality of my sleep!

Absolute life saver! No more DOMS effect!

Helped me sleep like a baby!

So much better than any powders or tablets that I have tried!

I use my Magnesium Oil each night before bed... It is amazing...Can't recommend highly enough.

With so many wonderful testimonials it is no surprise that so many people love our products and the benefits they experience when using them. Why don't you try our Salt Lab products today and join the glowing reviews tomorrow!

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