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Six Steps To Be A Better Athlete

By Clementine Beale | Published the 07th Nov 2017

Are you ticking all the boxes on your healthy physical journey yet feel your performance has plateaued?  

Train like a professional athlete by following these six cardinal rules which will make you stronger, faster and fitter on the field and in the gym.

1. Relax and release

This baby has earned the top position as a crucial rule to improve performance. Myofascial release is deep-tissue therapy which relieves contracted muscles and painful muscle knots by improving blood and lymphatic circulation.

Roll a foam roller or massage ball across tight areas and add weight until the tension is released.

The sensation can feel overwhelming initially but persevere and you will find immediate release in tight muscle groups. The reward is an increased ability to squat deeper, bend further and jump higher.

2. Activate through resistance

The use of resistance bands can improve your endurance and see you move faster and more powerfully. Bands trigger your muscles to contract and react to the resistance, which gives you the ability to stabilize joints.

This is one of the vital ingredients to increasing your acceleration, anaerobic endurance and body strength. Resistance bands stimulate muscles to develop increased levels of power in natural, athletic movements.

3. Sleep and repeat

Respect your zzz’s. This is when muscle-building truly begins. When you sleep, you fall into an anabolic state which is ideal for growth. This has nothing to do with steroids and everything to do with growing in a positive way.

Your aim would be to get a quality night’s sleep between seven and nine hours.

4. Hell yes, H20

Hydrate. Drinking more H2O is the solution to a lot of life problems, in particular sore muscles.

Water is critical for your muscles to function optimally during workouts. Fascia is largely comprised of water, so being dehydrated can have huge implications on your performance. Health authorities commonly recommend about eight glasses, or about 2 litres a day.

5. Power of compound movements

Compound movements use multiple muscle groups and joints to perform an exercise – such as power cleans, squats, deadlifts and overhead presses.

These movements target multiple muscle groups in your body work to encourage contraction, balance and energy. This acts like a full body workout and is a sure fire way to increase strength and power.

6. Fit friends

Buddy up. Having a training partner creates a competitive environment and makes it less likely you will hit the snooze button on cold mornings. The competitiveness of having a partner will also increase the intensity of a training session. This is sure to increase your motivation and make your workouts more fun.

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