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The Benefits of Bath Salts

By Clementine Beale | Published the 04th May 2018

When you’re wanting to relax and unwind, what comes to mind? Some people prefer exercise to free up the mind or a therapeutic massage to filter out the stress; however, after a long and stressful day at work I love taking a revitalising warm bath in the evening. Now, thanks to Salt Lab, you can make your bath even better with the addition of our natural bath salts, designed to transcend a regular bath into a completely new blissful experience.

benefits of bath salts

The Benefits of Bath Salts

Magnesium bath salts are not only relaxing, but they also have a whole host of benefits if you keep up regular use. In addition to stress relief, which is essential for maintaining both a healthy body and mind, a salt bath soak is an ideal way to speed up your muscle recovery for those of you who are hitting the gym on the regular. We all know how stiff our muscles can feel the day after a strenuous workout. Magnesium bath salts are rapidly absorbed through the skin into your muscles so you can speed up the healing process and allow the muscle fibres to rebuild quicker and stronger than before.

In addition to their healing elements, these Magnesium bath salts are an incredibly efficient way for allowing your cells to absorb Magnesium and in turn help the body maintain normal nerve and muscle function. The combination of the salts and the hot water allow the magnesium to quickly pass through the skin and maximise the absorption process.

Why Salt Lab’s Bath Salts?

When you invest in a product from Salt Lab you are receiving an exemplary product which will deliver on all accounts. Our magnesium bath salts are filled with magnesium chloride - an essential mineral, detoxifying bentonite clay and salts from the Dead Sea. Also known as a deconstructed bath bomb, our bath salt blend is a transdermal magnesium therapy, meaning it is designed for rapid absorption directly through the skin to give you a near instant hit of magnesium when and where you need it most. Try our bath salts in a luxurious hot bath, a special treat after a long week at work. Alternatively, incorporate the addition of magnesium bath salts into your regular bathing routine for even more benefits. If you’re not a bath person, you can still enjoy the benefits of magnesium by adding them to a deep bowl full of warm water and enjoying a relaxing foot soak.

We invest a lot of passion and time into our products to ensure that you are receiving the best possible service on the market. Our aim is to help improve your wellbeing through relieving stress and allowing a positive recovery on muscle fibres.