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The one supplement every athlete needs, and might not know it yet

By Clementine Beale | Published the 30th Aug 2018

Magnesium Oil is your new salty savior

Have you ever wondered why elite athletes are always banging on about magnesium? It’s because it’s actually a super useful little mineral for your body. Being an elite athlete requires a ton of precision and sacrifice in every facet of life. Being on top of everything that goes into your body is a prerequisite for fighting to be at your best. Magnesium just happens to be one of the many things we all need and don’t even know it.

Magnesium oil for athlete

It can help with a boat load of things…here is a little list of a few of the benefits you need to should totes know about: 

  • Increased muscle strength: When it comes down to muscle protein synthesis (the process of building muscle mass) Magnesium is your secret weapon, the enzymes that enable this process are impaired without this magic mineral. So, in short…a lack of Magnesium can jeopardize your recovery, hypertrophy & strength. 
  • Better hormonal balance: It’s about finding the balance between healthy testosterone levels while keeping those cortisol levels in check. Magnesium can help your body with this juggling act by increasing the bioavailability of testosterone while lowering your cortisol (stress hormone) which will in turn help your body cope with the physical (and mental) stress it is experiencing from those tough workouts. 
  • Control your insulin levels: Magnesium is known to help your body control its level of insulin. When your insulin is working properly, you burn carbs faster and can develop more lean muscle. 
  • Help you recover faster: Magnesium is the vitamin C of colds, except it actually works. It helps your muscles recover faster after a hard workout, by fighting inflammation, raising your antioxidant levels and replenishing the energy stores in your muscles. 

We totally get that this list of magnesium benefits might make it sound like it’s an athlete only supplement, but it sure ain’t. Magnesium can help with heaps of stuff, like hormone balance, sleep, stress, psoriasis and more. Applying Magnesium directly to your skin (this is the most effective way to get the good stuff into your body) might be the answer to a ton of niggly little things in your life. Products like a magnesium oil spray (which you can spray on your legs in the gym after leg day) or magnesium bath salts (because everyone has earnt a bath after leg day) will boost your recovery and help you to be your best self –whether you’re an athlete or not. 

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