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Top 5 Tips for a better night sleep

By Salt Lab | Published the 20th May 2021

Did you know that throughout our lives, we spend a whopping 26 years asleep, and seven additional years trying to fall asleep? Sleep tends to evade us when we’re under stress, and no amount of soothing meditations, calming music, and herbal teas can help us find our dreamland. 

If you are struggling to unwind after a stressful, activity-packed day (whether it’s physical or mental stress you’re experiencing), these are our top tips to get you wound down and ready to drift off into a deep restorative sleep.

  1. An afternoon/evening routine that tells your mind it is time to switch off. We are big fans of switching off all electronic devices from 6 pm (2 – 3 hours before bed), dimming lights, or even better lighting candles. Lights at night can throw our body clock out (also known as circadian rhythm) out. Blue light (phones, TV) is known to boost our attention, reaction times, and even our mood so naturally exposing ourselves to this at night can impact our sleep quality. Red light wavelengths are suggested to stimulate the production of melatonin, and in turn, improve the quality of our sleep. 
  1. Magnesium Oil onto the bottom of your feet and onto your stomach 10 – 30 mins before bed. Magnesium is an amazing mineral at quietening your nervous system and slowing down your racing thoughts. It helps regulate the hormone melatonin which guides our sleep-wake cycles. Magnesium also plays an important role in facilitating GABA activity in the brain – GABA is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter (chemical messenger) in the brain that plays an important role in anxiety and inducing a calming effect on your brain and in turn your body.
  1. Lavender Oil on the soles of your feet; this can be done just as you are jumping into bed. Simply put 2 drops of lavender oil onto the sole of each foot (after the magnesium oil of course ☺). Lavender Oil has been suggested to be a sedative to your nervous system and an incredible natural mood stabiliser.
  1. A relaxing soak in the bath; if you can put away 30 mins right before bed to run yourself a bath and add in some magnesium chloride bath salts, your future self will thank you for it. Magnesium chloride is easily absorbed by your skin and provides a more concentrated bio-available source of magnesium than the likes of Epsom salts. This gives your body more intense and longer-lasting effects. 
  1. Read a book; We recommend picking a book you can get lost in, so probably not the self-development book or the book about how to tackle your toddlers’ tantrums - try a novel you can lose your active mind in. Reading before you fall asleep allows your body to relax and slows down your breathing. Slower breathing will leave you in a calmer state ready to drift off easier and fall asleep into a nice restorative deep sleep – a little like meditation for the more active-minded people out there. 

We feel pretty confident that if you can commit to the above each night you will see a dramatic improvement in your sleep quality, length and the way you feel the next day.