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Your kids stealing your sleep? Give this natural goodness a crack

By Clementine Beale | Published the 14th Sep 2018

Magnesium Oil might be all they need

Ah, kids, aye! The joys. For the most part they are delightful little mini humans – the smiles, the cuddles, the inappropriate little comments and the opportunity we all get to see the world through fresh eyes.

BUT…when they won’t sleep it makes the whole family feel like nothing is manageable. And let’s be honest, your day goes from good times to just ‘getting through’, which is no way for anyone to live.

Feeding your kids a healthy diet, making sure they get a good nights sleep, giving them multivitamin ‘lollies’ and a whole bunch of green vegetables are all great ways to make sure you have healthy and happy little people. However, it’s rarely that easy (Insert - It’s NEVER that easy.)

kids sleep magnesium

There’s a high chance (like lots of adults) that your kids need a more consistent dose of Magnesium. Kids need a healthy amount of magnesium in their bodies for loads of stuff- it helps them to regulate hormones, which can help them stay calm. It helps their body make the most of other important vitamins and minerals, like calcium and vitamin D. It can help them fall asleep and STAY asleep (ahhhh the mere thought brings a tear to our eyes).

Magnesium is a magical mineral and making sure they get enough deserves to be at least in the top twenty of the ten thousand things you have to think about once you have kids.

So how much magnesium do kids need, anyway?

Look, because they are little, kids don’t need a whole heap of magnesium. Guidelines generally recommend 80mg for kids aged 1-3, 130 mg for kids aged 4-8, and 240 mg per day for kids aged 9-13. Keep in mind, they will get part of their daily dose of the good stuff from the food they are eating.

How do I get kids to take magnesium for sleep?

You can top up your kids magnesium dose in lots of different ways. If you’re up for a battle you could attempt a tablet or powder but that’s a fight no one has time for (or the menta capacity for, am I right?)

So, we’ve found the most effective way for people (kids and grown-ups) to absorb magnesium is ‘trans-dermally’- in other words, through your skin. You can do this by using our Salt Lab magnesium oil spray (diluted 60/40 with water for little tackers), or by using magnesium bath salts.

If you’re going with the spray (which you totes should), try popping a little on their feet before bed time- it should send them into uninterrupted sleep in no time and if you’re clever enough you’ll douse yourself in it too so you’ll pass out and wake up feeling like you did before your kids stole all your sleep.