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Salt Lab Journal Interview with Ella Pike, The Breath Haus.

Salt Lab Journal Interview with Ella Pike, The Breath Haus

Can you tell us a bit about yourself!

Well hi, I’m Ella or the breath boss if you will.  i am a pisces with only water & air placements, and you can really tell. I'm the chaos you didn't know you needed. I’m a lover of discomfort, a believer of magic & someone who is continuously in awe of the world around her.

Could you tell us about the inspiration behind founding The Breath Haus. 
I had been running classes and community beach sessions for 2 years pre our doors opening & the community I had built was so hungry for more. This space didn't have anything like us, to be honest there wasn't actually anywhere in Australia dedicated to breathwork.& noone in this space was making it relatable,it was to ‘woo woo’ for your average office worker or footy player. We wanted to recreate the story people had around what breathwork needed to be, knowing it’s a deeply spiritual experience every time but also knowing making it to ‘woo woo’ scares 80% of the population off the experience. So creating this space like we have allows everyone a safe space to dive into the magic of them.

Many people might not be familiar with breathwork. Could you explain what it is and how it can benefit us? 
Breathwork is put most simply, conscious control of your breath. Actively breathing in a way to invoke a certain response from your body & your mind. There are an infinite number of reasons why someone would look at a breathwork practice for themselves, to reduce anxiety, alkalize your blood, improve sleep and energy levels. my favorite reason to note is the way it changes your relationship with yourself, it shows you how to love yourself, how to have compassion for all parts of you & that i think its the true magic of this practice.

What types of classes do you offer at The Breath Haus, and how do they cater to people's different needs or goals? 
We have our two signature classes.
LSD our gentle down regulating class (beginners class) & RELEASE our spicier more active class.Then we have our two special classes VIBRATIONS a breath & sound bath adventure with our incredible Jayden & MElT our restorative gentle movement & breath class. Each experience takes you on the journey your body allows it to, so we set the vibes you decide what you take from it. Your body serves you what you need from that moment. 

Beyond breathwork, what other modalities or practices do you believe complement and enhance our overall wellness?
I think discomfort is very important but not just physical discomfort such as saunas and ice baths that challenge our bodies. I believe we idolize this discomfort too much. I think the most powerful way to enhance your wellbeing is the discomfort of stopping when the world tells you we must go go go, the discomfort of leaving something you feel comfortable in but you know you’ve outgrown. The discomfort of the uncomfortable conversions, the discomfort of truly putting yourself first. I really believe the world would be a better place if we idolized how uncomfortable vulnerability is.   

What advice would you offer to someone who is interested in exploring breathwork but may feel hesitant or unsure about where to begin?
Your breath is our life force right, the one thing we can’t live without. We place so much attention on so many external things, our steps,our water intake, all these things we can go without. You can spend as little as 1 min focusing on breathing slower & deeper noticing a huge difference. Imagine what you could do making it a more regular practice.

For those who might be considering attending the World Meditation Day online event , could you share with us what they can expect? 
This is the most beautiful introduction to breathwork if you haven't tried it before!! A gentle and grounding reset for everyone who joins but truly the perfect taste test to your power if you’re new!!

As someone deeply invested in the wellness space, what excites you most about the potential impact of this collaboration on the attendees' wellbeing and overall experience? 
A beautiful moment to join our communities and to show them the super simple tools and rituals they can implement in their lives to completely transform how they feel.