Magnesium or Epsom Salts; What's the Difference?

Magnesium or Epsom Salts; What's the Difference?

There can be confusion about the difference between Magnesium Flakes and Epsom Salts in the bath, so we're going to give you the lowdown.

The confusion arises because both products contain magnesium. However, they are two quite different forms of magnesium, and it's important to understand the difference when making your choice.

Basically, magnesium flakes contain Magnesium Chloride, while Epsom Salts contain Magnesium Sulfate. Although both contain a form of magnesium, Magnesium Chloride (flakes) can be more easily absorbed by the body. 

Magnesium Chloride, which is what makes up Salt Lab's Magnesium Reset Bath Salts, is much better suited for topical application. 

Magnesium Sulfate is also more rapidly excreted through the kidneys, which explains why results don’t last long, and more amounts are needed for desired effects.

Magnesium bath flakes and topical magnesium oil are the best option to reduce stress and wind down for a good night's sleep. 

Magnesium plays a part in regulating more than 300 enzyme systems in our bodies, including blood glucose control, muscle and nerve functions, blood pressure, energy production, and more. It is crucially important to our health and survival.

As the body's biggest organ, our skin can actually absorb and deliver the nutrients we need, and filter out toxins. It's pretty impressive!

While Epsom Salts are great for relieving muscle pain, the effect won't last long, as whatever is absorbed is rapidly excreted through the kidneys.

Magnesium Chloride (flakes) on the other hand, is more easily absorbed into the body, and the effects are more intense and longer lasting. We hope this helps!


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