Vegan. 100% natural. Australian owned. Made in Melbourne.

A high-grade magnesium oil spray...

With so many wellbeing benefits, it should wear a superhero cape. We make premium, effective magnesium oil spray that boosts your wellness levels and nourishes your skin. We’re clever like that. For example, our Magnesium Oil Spray a superior method for safely increasing magnesium levels in the body. It's readily absorbed through the skin for enhanced recovery and performance. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get salty together! 

magnesium oil

Meet Salt Lab’s cult Magnesium oil Spray.

Got seriously sore muscles after your last gym session? Had a stressful day at work? Struggling to get shut-eye? Our high-grade Magnesium Oil Spray is a 100% natural, effective and safe way to soothe your skin, relax, unwind and drift off to sleep. No, there’s nothing that this Magnesium Spray can’t do. We checked.

Get soaking with our Deconstructed Bath Bomb.

Strip off and hop into a warm, relaxing bath infused with our Deconstructed Bath Bomb. Containing premium magnesium chloride, Dead Sea salts and bentonite clay, you can improve your wellbeing while you soak. Things this product won’t improve? Your bath singing. Sorry.


Salt Lab 200ml

    Magnesium Oil Spray delivers a highly concentrated dose of premium magnesium, allowing your body to self regulate and absorb what’s needed.


    Salt Lab Magnesium Spray is safe for use by athletes, the elderly, children and pregnant and breastfeeding women.


    We absorb quick-smart into the skin so you can feel the soothing, nourishing benefits and get back to being your brilliant self.


    Not only is Salt Lab Magnesium oil Spray vegan, but we’re also 100% naturally derived, pure, Australian owned and made in Melbourne.


Clementine Beale is a Melbourne-based Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Health Coach and magnesium’s number one fan. In 2014 after taking on way too much, Clementine found herself stressed out, burnt out and run down. Health professionals recommended she try magnesium oil, and though it was hard to find, it worked. She slept better. Dealt with stress better and was able to live better as a result. Determined to empower other women to improve their wellbeing, Clementine researched and researched until she discovered the most premium, effective, accessible form of magnesium - et voila, Salt Lab was born.

  • Rest.

    The best relationships are built on trust, so trust us when we say that spritzing our Magnesium Oil Spray before bed will allow you to reset and relax before a peaceful night of sleep.

  • Recover.

    If you’re constantly stressed out at work, or are forever dealing with sore muscles (thanks a lot, weights session), we’re here to help. Salt Lab is your go-to brand for rejuvenating and unwinding when life gets chaotic.

    salt lab magnesium oil
  • be your best.

    Like all good cheerleaders, Salt Lab exists to ensure that you’re operating at your sky-high peak every single day. Yes, that’s right, we’re your salty new BFF.

    salt lab magnesium oil

What our customers have to say about Salt Lab Magnesium oil spray...

“I use Salt Lab every day. I swear by it to assist in my sleep, alleviating muscle soreness and increased energy levels all leading to optimising my recovery and performance”

“I will definitely be making salt labs magnesium spray a part of my nightly routine. I have found that I recover faster and sleep better which as an athlete is very important.”

“When it comes to recovery and sleep, my secret weapon is Salt Lab Magnesium Oil.
It aids in improving my sleep, enhances my muscle recovery, reduces any inflammation I have and calms my nervous system”

"Salt Lab Magnesium Oil has helped me recover after every training session and
I have particularly noticed how much it helps my sleeping! Which as a result helps my recovery, and allows me to train to best of my ability each day I haven’t felt this relaxed when falling asleep & in such deep sleeps for as long as I can remember. It sits on my bed side table and is now a part of both mine and my husband’s night time routine!"

Salt Lab Magnesium Spray has become a staple part of my daily recovery process. Personally having recently dealt with knee surgery my training has been consistently intense and harsh on my body.
Salt Lab spray has been my go to at night to promote recovery of sore and lactic muscles and prepare me for the next day.
It’s truly night and day in comparison to any oral magnesium powder supplement I have used and highly recommend it for anyone from athletes, casual trainers, weekend warriors or if you simply find yourself deficient of magnesium.
A few sprays post training or before bed is all you need, I’m a big fan ha!!!

“Love love love! I am studying to be a naturopath and have been helping my grandma find an alternative to magnesium tablets as she has trouble swallowing them. And
I was so excited when I came across your products! She cannot speak highly enough of the magnesium spray! She can move again and it has eased muscle pain from arthritis! Thank you so so much!”