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Sweat Anytime Anywhere. We love HUSTL.ONLINE and Alexz Loves Magnesium!

Sweat Anytime Anywhere. We love HUSTL.ONLINE and Alexz Loves Magnesium!

Do you HUSTL.ONLINE? We do. Daily. Want to recover faster from your workout? Give Salt Lab's Magnesium Oil a go. Magnesium oil enhances workout recovery by supporting muscle function through its essential role in muscle contraction and relaxation. It can reduce muscle cramps and spasms that can result from intense exercise and electrolyte imbalances. Additionally, magnesium's potential anti-inflammatory properties could help mitigate post-workout muscle inflammation.

We were lucky enough to interview a favourite trainer and inspiring business owner Alexz Parvi; Bodyweight Master Trainer, Founder of @hustl._, and Trainer for @chrishemsworth on @centrfit

1. Alexz, we love you! We train on HUSTL.ONLINE every morning. How did the business start?
But I love you more! The Business started years ago when I really couldn’t find any studios that were teaching fitness classes the way I wanted them to be taught. I wanted a high energy class that was effective and also really fun to participate in. I decided since I wasn’t able to find a studio that was offering it, I was going to create it myself. The business started as a pilates studio in Byron, which grew to another one on the Gold Coast and then when COVID hit, I decided to start online and the rest is history.

2. What has been the biggest learning curve?
Trusting that if you do everything with pure intentions, it will always work out. Since starting my business I have gone through many challenging times, which is normal in all business ventures. I have, over the years, had to loosen my grip on trying to control situations and focus back on why I am doing them in the first place. If you are wanting to achieve something that is for the higher good, whether it’s to motivate people, to achieve a business milestone, to grow a community, whatever it may be, if you work on achieving it with pure intentions, then I promise, without fail, it will always work out.

3. What do you love most about what you do?
My community! Having studios and an online platform that has attracted the most inspiring, inclusive, loving and supportive clients - truly is the most fulfilling and amazing part of what I do.

4. Describe your typical day?
I am so tempted to write this amazing “day in the life” but I just can’t do it. Believe it or not, 80% of my day is spent on the computer. Yep, I know! I would have never thought that when I first started this but, here we are. If I am not filming I am either sorting through classes, programming new classes or planning for exciting launches. Since creating this business my community and team has grown SO much and my biggest focus everyday is to make sure my team and community are happy.

5. How has magnesium played a role in your wellness journey?
I still to this day don’t think magnesium gets the credit it deserves, it’s like the magic lotion that can take all your pain away if it involves muscle tightness, pain, doms or anything else of the sort. I am very lazy when it comes to stretching and being able to apply something that I also know is going to help my muscles recover has always been such a saving grace for me.

6. What benefits have you experienced since using Salt Lab?
When I have a crazy training schedule, I cannot & will not go a night without spraying my quads, glutes and back down. I get the worst DOMS with my filming schedules and when I make sure I prioritize this into my recovery routine, it honestly makes the world of a difference. I also need to say, when I have had a big day of training or at work and I topically spray my magnesium I can also feel my anxiety and mental tension clear. It helps with my sleep and is like a mini massage for not only my muscles but for my mind too.

7. How many times a day do you train?
It is always different, sometimes when I am filming I train 5 times a day and sometimes when I am not filming, I won’t train for days on end. I try to be consistent between filming and rest days and try to train at least once per day.

8. Who is your role model?
Beyonce, has always and will always be my number one uno. She is bold, she is unstoppable, she is 100 percent herself and I am all about it!

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