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Beyond the Surface: Insights from a Kinesiology Expert

Charlotte Terray's journey from a bustling career in hairdressing to becoming a dedicated Kinesiologist specialising in women's health and children's wellbeing is as inspiring as it is transformative. With a passion for helping individuals achieve balance and vitality, Charlotte seamlessly integrates various modalities, including Breath Work, Kriya, Meditation, and Yin Yoga, into her practice.

Beyond the Surface: Insights from a Kinesiology Expert

1. Hi Charlotte! Thanks for collaborating with us. Firstly, For those who may not be familiar, could you explain what Kinesiology is and how it works?

Yes! Kinesiology is a modality based in Chiropractic. It is where your conscious mind meets your sub conscious mind and body.

We tap into your body via subtle muscle testing that elicits feedback that we use to understand what the body requires to bring it back to a state of balance where it can heal and regenerate on its own.

As we know, nothing that we experience is purely physical or purely emotional, they always meet in some way, so by unpacking the emotions involved and seeing where past shock or trauma may be causing stagnation in the nervous system or energetic body.

We use the traditional Chinese medicine meridians and acupressure points as well as a whole host of other remedies.

2. What inspired your transition from a busy hairdressing career to becoming a Kinesiologist?

I started hairdressing at the age of 16 and opened my own salon at 21, I spent 10 years seeing my clients come in regularly through all different stages and life phases and I found that there was a distinct frustration and lack of support out for people to unpack their emotions and traumas on a somatic level.

Whilst there is a definite place for talk therapy, often we don’t consciously know what is causing our pain or dis-ease – physically or emotionally, that is where bypassing the mind through Kinesiology can be so powerful.

After my own experience with burn out I found Kinesiology and realised that I had never really paid much attention to my body unless it was in pain – there was so much that I was able to learn about what I was suppressing or essentially asking my body to store for me, as I began to unpack this my life changed slowly but surely and after a wrist injury a few years I began many years of study of all different bodies of work and modalities such as yoga and breath work and eventually Kinesiology. So now I have a beautiful tool kit that I use to work with my clients depending on what they need.

3. Can you share with us the inspiration behind founding Calm State Kinesiology?

‘Calm State’ to me is the place within each of us that no matter what is going on around us, we always have that solid anchor of belonging and safety.

We are all born into this world with this, however we tend to lose touch with it in our early years through conditioning and over stimulation outside of ourselves.

This is why I love working with children too, they experience shifts quickly that set them up for their teen years and adulthood.

My work is all about people re finding or building on that Calm State within them that is always there. Living from this space makes us unstoppable.


4. How does Kinesiology support individuals, particularly women and children, in managing their emotional and physical wellness?

For Women, Kinesiology can feel like some sort of magic, especially if you have been in a survival state for a long period of time. (which is often when people find Kinesiology) The reason for this is because it opens up a conversation between our body and our mind, it allows us the space and understanding to shine a light on the parts of ourselves that have been too scared to explore. It works on our physical and energetic body at a deep cellular level – when change takes place here our entire lives change. Our perception changes, of ourselves and the world.

For children, they absorb so much from their parents, they won’t consciously know it but their bodies and energy will naturally hold things for their care givers, this is all unseen but certainly felt, Kinesiology works wonders for clearing ‘surrogated’ emotions.

It also gives children a language around their emotions and a tool kit they can use to regulate themselves without shame which is empowering.

The main things that I work with kids on is learning difficulties, emotional regulation, toilet training, transitions etc.

5. How does your practice of meditation inform your work as a Kinesiologist, and how do you incorporate mindfulness techniques into your sessions?

My daily ‘sadhana’ which is the Sanskrit word for spiritual practice is a space of time for me to check in and connect with myself and fill my cup before I give to others.

This can look like mediation, yoga poses, chanting, kundalini kriya. I am also trained in these practices so I incorporate them into my prescribed integration work for clients.

I use breath work throughout almost every session to further encourage shifts in the body with acupressure points. This really helps to communicate to the body that it is safe to release.

6. You've recommended Salt Lab's products to aid your clients in achieving better sleep. How do you see the connection between magnesium supplementation and promoting relaxation, especially in the context of your practice?

I recommend Salt Lab’s products for a few reasons, the number one is when clients are struggling with their sleep, especially children, I will test up their need for a Kinesiology supplement and often recommend a bath soak for the younger ones.

7. Salt Lab aims to help people sleep better, recover faster, and restore vitality through magnesium products. How do these objectives align with the principles and goals of Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is all about aligning people’s energy to balanced state to optimise their bodies natural healing and regeneration potentials and sleep plays a big part in this. Likewise, our emotional stressors impact our ability to drop into a deep sleep and to wake feeling refreshed, we are working on the same goals with different methods!

8. As someone deeply invested in holistic wellness, what role do you believe self-care practices, like using Salt Lab products, play in maintaining overall health and balance?

I believe that anything that we can do/use/apply to aid our body in releasing stress and tension is an investment in our overall health and our future. I also am a firm believer in doing everything (as much as we can) with intention, our thoughts and mental states are so powerful, so for example, when applying my salt lab magnesium spray in the evening I make it into a mini ritual, not just a mindless act. I spray it on my feet and massage the kidney points under and around my feet/ankles to ground myself into my body before sleep, this communicates to the body that it is safe to relax.

9. Is there anything else you'd like to share with our audience about your vision for the future?

Kinesiology is all about self-referential healing, taking responsibility for your own wellness and healing. My vision is to empower more and more women to use their own healing abilities, for themselves and their families, this is why I will always arm you with a host of suggestions and tools to further integrate your shifts on a practical level.

For Calm State, this will look like more mini courses to reach a wider range of people in need of this guidance and support as well as my 1:1 balances. There will also be more options for continued mentoring for consistency and accountability to really optimise these integrations into your lives.

At the moment I am also working alongside a Psychotherapist who does clinical hypnosis, we have developed a program called The Calm Reset Method using the hypnosis to integrate the changes from your Kinesiology session, this is great for people who struggle to surrender the grips of the conscious mind!


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