Cassey Maynard - Self Love Queen

6 weeks out from Christmas after the year that it has been we wanted to bring you some LOVE, something to assist you in filling your cup back up and giving yourself some much-needed energy and focus so you can enjoy, A. being out of lockdown and B. the festive season with you loved ones.
Cassey Maynard - Self Love Queen
6 weeks out from Christmas after the year that it has been we wanted to bring you some LOVE, something to assist you in filling your cup back up and giving yourself some much-needed energy and focus so you can enjoy, A. being out of lockdown and B. the festive season with you loved ones.

Not sure about you but a lot of the conversations we are having are around a common theme, people are TIRED, flat and feeling a little out of sorts. This is completely understandable as 2020 has been a RIDE, whether impacted by Covid or not, the global pressure and talk has been something on a whole other scale.

So, we sat down with the queen of Self Care herself, Cassey Maynard, to bring to you 3 things you can implement into your days and reap the rewards, a.k.a energy & high vibes.

CASS: Self-love is the best love!

I learnt this the hard way. I spent many years working in Corporate Sales. Long stressful work weeks with no self-care rituals led me to experience anxiety, overwhelm and eventually burnout.

I worked, trained and partied hard until my body one day gave up.

I was inflamed, puffy, exhausted and stuck in a rut of bad habits and bad moods.

I only started to see shifts when I stopped punishing myself and made some changes, when I slowed down and tuned in to what I needed, not what I thought I should need.

I stepped into my power as a woman. I stopped distracting myself with external noise. I learnt how to nourish myself and take ‘Queen time’ every day. I kicked bad habits that were not serving me and made some serious investments in my self development. I stopped making excuses and stepped into the light.

I’ve changed how I train, what I eat, my self talk, morning, night-time routines and I now work with my Feminine energy which is so bloody powerful

I’m a completely different person and it all began with creating healthy high vibe habits and nurturing my inner Queen! ME!

As women we naturally want look after others before self, but we need to learn to love, respect and look after ourselves first because if we do this, we can give more to others. If we are feeling good from within, we will have more energy to give to family, friends, work, kiddies and the planet.

So here are my top 3 self-care rituals that you can try…


Close your eyes, breathe and tap into your feminine energy. Connect to your soul with no distractions. This will allow your body to rest, restore and renew. The monkey mind can have a little break and there will be space for all those juicy downloads and messages to come in. If you find being in silence hard try a Medi Rave. Play a song, feel the music in your body, feel any sensations that arise and just be in that moment.


Enjoy some queen time in the evening to switch you out of work mode into home mode. Create a vibe in your bathroom. Candles, music, oil diffuser, dim lighting and have yourself a sexy hot steamy bath or shower. Use the Salt Lab bath salts to help wash away anything that no longer serves your energy field and you’ll feel relaxed and renewed AF!


This is the ultimate self-care ritual to feel joy and pleasure. Listening to some epic tunes, eyes closed, moving your hips and lifting your vibration will drop you into your feminine energy so you can live a life that is turned ON.


Cass absolutely lives and breathes her passion for lifting your vibe through going back into YOU connecting back in and unleashing your inner potential and truth.

She has created a platform with options for workouts to match your mood and cycle and runs an incredible 8 week Energise Your Life program to reset your habits, connect with your feminine energy and support an overall better version of you.

We love her and have no doubt you will to.

Find Cass on Instagram: @cassey.maynard
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