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Dad Insights: A Candid Conversation with Salt Lab's General Manager, Adam Boshevski

Dad Insights: A Candid Conversation with Salt Lab's General Manager, Adam Boshevski

Who is the second driving force behind the brand? Meet Adam Boshevski, the General Manager of Salt Lab, husband to our brand's Founder, Clementine Boshevski, and loving father to their three wonderful children. Collaboratively, Clementine and Adam not only manage the business but also the homeschooling of their trio.The entire family is on an Australian journey with Salt Lab, travelling in a caravan up and down the East and West coast.

We had the privilege of speaking with Adam who share's his appreciation for Salt Lab's Magnesium Oil, how he integrates the topical spray into their children's daily routine, and his out-of-the-box application tips that Clementine and him share. 

Hi Adam! Thanks for speaking with us today.

1. First things first, how often do you use Salt Lab Magnesium Oil? It is a daily necessity for me, a non-negotiable is in the evening before bed on my stomach and feet. However at the moment, I am 4 weeks post-surgery, a ruptured bicep tendon, so I am using it multiple times a day as part of my rehab. I rub it into the muscles in my forearm and bicep to help relieve the tension and alleviate tightness.

2. What benefits have you received since adding magnesium oil to your daily routine? The biggest one for me is my quality of sleep, I was a snorer before introducing Salt Lab into my routine. So I would wake feeling very groggy and like I hadn't had much sleep at all. Since using Salt Lab I no longer snore, I feel refreshed and well-rested in the morning which has a ripple effect on the rest of the day. Second to that would be the improved recovery I experience when using it around my football and training sessions. I am able to recover much quicker than I was before. I am also not experiencing cramping muscles on the field as I spray my calves, hamstrings and quads pre-, during and post my football games. I couldn't tell you the last time I cramped during a game since doing this!

3. Any out-of-the-box application tips you can share with our readers? My go-to application is going broad with the area I am applying to, so when my quads are tight, I don't just apply to my quads, I will apply right up in my hip/ITB, and down to my knees. Similar with tight calves, I apply to the knees, back of knees and down into the ankle as well as the actual calf. I will also often apply to my lower back and glutes to relieve any aching muscles and tightness which is a common area for me to feel tension. 

4. You are a father of 3 little ones, all living in a van travelling around Australia. How do you incorporate magnesium oil into your kids' daily routine? Yes, we have been on the road for 2 years, we homeschool our eldest 2 so between work and homeschooling and living in a 22ft space, magnesium is ESSENTIAL haha. Of course in the evenings before bed it is a routine of showers, spraying their tummy, dinner, books, spraying their feet and then bed. We do spray their tummy early (before dinner) particularly after big days hiking or adventuring. We find it helps them wind down, it is like a dial on their nervous system. Then we use it throughout the day as needed. Growing pains, injuries, irritable or if they just need some chill time, we will often spray their tummy and then pop a movie on (during the day).