From No Sleep, To Deep Sleep

Salt Lab Magnesium Oil is the addition to your nightly routine that WILL change how you are able to show up the next day.
From No Sleep, To Deep Sleep
Exhausted? Aching Body? RLS? Bloated?

Are you getting to the end of the day exhausted, saying to yourself "it is going to be an early night tonight" and then hitting the pillow and BING..... your brain switches on, all the thoughts, things to do, ideas and solving the world's problems start to take place. Timely, hey. 

Or maybe you have just stared exercising you are motivated and ready to smash your goals before the end of the year. Gym session #1 is done and dusted, session #2 completed, when you wake up on day 3 ready to get out of bed you feel like a truck has hit you. Literally unable to roll out of bed yet alone get your leggings on. So, the snooze button is hit and session #3 needs to wait until your muscles can move again. 

It does not need to be like this (on either of the above occasions), it has been well documented that magnesium is a magic mineral that we ALL need (in some way or another). However, really understanding what the results will be from adding Magnesium into your daily routine is where the magic is.

Salt Lab Magnesium Oil is the addition to your nightly routine that WILL change how you are able to show up the next day.

If like above, you are not able to switch off at night, applying 4-6 sprays of Salt Lab Magnesium Oil  onto your stomach and feet 10-30 minutes before you jump into bed will help calm your nervous system, quieten your mind and assist your body to hit that deep REM sleep (where dreams are made, literally). Having you waking feeling refreshed and ready to lift your head off the pillow and face the day ahead.

If your experiencing the aching body from the gym (or life in general), a few sprays of Salt Lab Magnesium Oil onto your muscles that are aching will have them recovered and ready to go again in no time, it can be as instant as within 20 mins.

Magnesium is used by our body every single day, whether it is to process your morning coffee, produce the energy you need for that run you promised yourself you would go on, or deal with the ongoing stressors that life throws at us on the daily. Magnesium is your go-to girl (or boy) that will be engaged to get you through the task.

Magnesium is not naturally produced by the body, the body relies on getting this mineral from external sources, i.e.: food and supplements. Therefore, it is important to ensure we are topping this mineral up every single day. A daily spray, it can be anytime of the day, however we always recommend a nightly spritz as this is when our body can get a helping hand winding down and ensure a good night sleep is had.

If you would like to see more on how to use magnesium oil for other specific ailments you can find more info here.