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Interview With Emma Henderson, Co-Founder Of The Beach People

Interview With Emma Henderson, Co-Founder Of The Beach People

Salt Lab was Founded by Female Entrepreneur Clementine Boshevski. We love collaborating with other Australian Female Founded Brands. The Beach People creates beautiful and iconic seaside luxe essentials. A family-owned business like Salt Lab, The Beach People began with a simple idea between two sisters, Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie, who dreamt of creating a Round Towel. The original Roundie, as it is now known, sold out in its first season and has since become a quintessential beach accessory around the world. We were lucky enough to interview Emma, who has been using Salt Lab Magnesium Oil, and shares what she loves about our products, a day in the life at The Beach People HQ and some of her career highlights. 

1. We love The Beach People! Can you share the story of how the brand started?

It all started with the birth of my first daughter Lulu. I was obsessed with her (still am) and desperate not to go back to my 9-5. I started to think of ideas to earn some cash from home. One afternoon I was sitting on the beach with my sister Victoria watching our husbands surf and I turned to her and said ‘round beach towels could be cool’. Victoria loved the idea and asked if we could do it together. It took 2 years and every cent we had to get it up and running. We launched the summer of 2013 and sold out everything on our website in under 3 weeks. We had 8 week pre orders selling out for round towels! The rest is history. It’s been a crazy roller coaster ride. Victoria and I have learnt so much and loved every bit.

2. Describe your typical work day?

I’m usually up early. I do a Pilates workout from home. Coffee! Then get my four daughters ready for school and out the door. It’s hectic. Sometimes I have PTSD after school drop off. We do all our work meetings early as this is what works for our US office with time zones. I’m in marketing meetings and product development. Midday is emails then if I’m lucky some creative space in the afternoon. Followed by school pick up, homework, dinner, bath & bedtime games. I usually switch off between 5-6pm as the US is asleep. Lastly a herbal tea on the lounge with my husband and all is well in the world.

3. Career highlight to date?

Honestly, I love seeing people all around the world using The Beach People product that we thoughtfully design. I’m chuffed! We see every post/tag and we are truly grateful for our community.

4. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Art, music, travel or nature. Funny thing but I usually find inspiration on holidays. I think having the space to think and dream helps.

5. How do you balance work and mum life with self-care?

This is my most asked question. Business will always be demanding and when you have your own business you can work endlessly. In the early days Victoria and I made a simple commitment to always make time for the things we love. Things that are good for the soul and fuel us to keep going. I love the water so I surf/SUP/swim at least once a week. I also said goodbye to mum guilt. I introduced micro moments with my children. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of quality time. I know what makes my kids happy so I try to make small moments to do the things they love each day, look them in the eyes at the dinner table, kiss them good night and tell them I’m there for them. Listen when they tell me something important even if that is mid-email. Pause, listen for 10 minutes and get back to work. Once I stopped stressing about balance I actually started to have it…

6. Do you have a night time or sleep ritual?

Yes. Once the kids are asleep I lounge with my love. I usually have a shower starting with a dry body brush scrub then a warm shower followed by a cold shower. Icy but good!

7. You’ve now tried our products. What do you think?

I’m a big magnesium lover. I suffer from migraines from time to time and find relief with magnesium oil. I usually use it on my neck and shoulders after my shower at night. Especially after sitting in front of a computer all day.

8. Have your kids experienced any benefits from our Kids Oil?

Kids love it. Fern, my 6y old is growing at a rapid pace at the moment. She looks like a baby giraffe with all arms and legs. She gets the worst growing pains so I give her legs a good rub before bed with magnesium oil and it really helps.

9. Fun facts about magnesium you never knew before?

Helps balance hormones! Who knew…

10. What advice would you give to other mum's / business owners trying to improve their wellness?

Motherhood and business are such busy times of life! Be kind to yourself as we only have little ones for a very small season. Cherish all the moments and do the little things you love each day.

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