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Interview With Kris Watts Founder of Linen Social

Interview With Kris Watts Founder of Linen Social

You may have seen Linen Social pop up on our feed in the past. We love collaborating with like-minded brands and Linen Social not only helps you sleep, they also share similar sustainability values to Salt Lab - it also doesn't hurt that their content and products are beautiful! We interview Kris Watts the Founder of Linen Social, to find out how the brand started, how he gets a good nights sleep and what he loves about our Salt Lab Magnesium Oil products


1. Hi Kris! Thanks for speaking with us today. Can you share the story of how Linen Social started?

The brand Linen Social started back when my wife and I owned a furniture event hire company. We struggled to find a good napkin supplier so I thought I would import them myself. Linen Social started off focusing on napkins and tablecloths and naturally expanded from there into bedding, baby products and more!


2. What is the brand’s sustainability point of difference?

Linen Social's sustainability point of difference would be using eco-friendly fibres across our entire range. From beautiful bedding to baby mats, clothing and picnic blankets, all of our products are crafted from 100% French Flax linen. Linen is one of the most sustainable fibres on the planet and is made from flax plants, which can be grown without fertilisers or pesticides.


3. Describe your typical work day?

My typical work day starts with moving my body in the morning, having breakfast with my family before doing the school drop off. I then head into work, have a coffee with my team and get stuck into some ongoing projects! Every work day is different and that's what I love!


4. How do you balance work life with self-care and a family?

At the start it was hard to find that perfect balance, however I think I have I mastered it now. I have a self-care day every now and then when I can, and always try to switch off at night as that's family time.


5. How do Linen Social products contribute to a good night’s sleep?

Linen Social products are the perfect way to kickstart a great night routine. Our 100% pure linen bedding offers ultimate comfort all year round! With linen being a transeasonal piece, you'll find our bedding is light and breezy during the summer and warm and cosy throughout the winter. Plus, the more you wash and wear the linen the more luxurious it becomes!


6. Do you have a night time or sleep ritual?

I try to stay off my phone past 8pm. That really helps me wind down and get ready for a good night’s sleep.


7. You’ve now tried our products. What do you think?

I loved the magnesium salts! For someone who likes to train everyday, I really noticed a difference in my muscle recovery.


8. Did your daughter experience any relief from her joint pain?

Unfortunately not, we have found her joint pain is more complex than we thought. However the magnesium oil definitely helped her wind down in the evenings.


9. Fun fact about magnesium you never knew before?

I did not know that magnesium was fully recyclable, and its recycling process requires only 5% of the energy needed to produce primary magnesium from raw materials.


10. We didn't know that either! What advice would you give to others trying to improve their sleep and wellness?

I will tell them to try magnesium! In any shape or form. It definitely is the first thing I try when I am having trouble sleeping.


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