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Interview with Rachael Muldoon, Founder of Sustainable Movement Brand MOBECO

Interview with Rachael Muldoon, Founder of Sustainable Movement Brand MOBECO

MOBECO's mission is to ensure every mover has access to luxurious, sustainable and quality equipment. Equipment that helps move the body freely and easily without impacting the environment. Founded by Rachael Muldoon, the brand was born from Rachael's desire to reduce plastic in the fitness industry.

1. What is your background in fitness?

I have always been passionate about health and wellness and when I was 22 I decided on personal training as a career path. This led me to explore various fitness practices over the years. Self massage, mobility, Yoga and pilates became a significant part of my coaching strategy. I worked with clients one-on-one for 7 years. My passion was coaching clients with injuries and restrictions to became strong, resilient and move without pain. I focused on health, strength and empowerment over fat loss and aesthetics.

2. How did MOBECO start?

As I retired from personal training I was looking for a new venture. At this time I was growing acutely aware of the plastic waste problem. MOBECO began as a personal mission to make a positive impact on the environment and the fitness/wellness community. With a vision to offer eco-friendly alternatives, I founded MOBECO to provide high-quality, sustainable yoga mats, self massage tools, and pilates equipment that align with conscious living and well-being.

3. Where are the products designed and made?

At MOBECO, we design our products in Australia with utmost care and attention to functionality and sustainability. I prioritise eco-friendly materials like cork, rubber, hemp, linen and cotton. We work with an amazing manufacturer in China who share our commitments to sustainability, quality and ethics.
We use Australian owned and made where we can which includes our buckwheat hull for our beautiful yoga bolsters.

4. How are the MOBECO products light on the earth?

Our MOBECO products are light on the earth due to their use of natural and sustainable materials. By opting for eco-friendly alternatives like cork and rubber, we aim to reduce our environmental footprint while offering durable and high-quality products. Not only do we use the upmost sustainable materials we use no plastic in our packaging. This includes when the items come to us and when they are shipped to our consumers. We also offer a free recycling program to help eliminate plastic in the fitness and wellness industries. You can send us your old yoga mats and props and self massage tools to be recycled and we will give you a $20 voucher towards a sustainable purchase with MOBECO.

5. What challenges have you faced as a business owner?

As a business owner, one of the main challenges has been striking the perfect balance between sustainability and growth. We continuously work on sourcing the best eco-friendly materials and scaling our operations without compromising on our core values. Sustainable materials are much more costly than plastic. It always shocks me when I see a yoga mat priced above our Cork Yoga Mat and is still made from plastic. We aim to educate consumers to make better choices for their pocket and planet.

6. What does a typical day at MOBECO look like?

A typical day at MOBECO includes packing orders, liaising with our marketing team, developing content and a million other small tasks. Personally, I like to get moving in the morning, I walk and practise mobility and strength training before getting stuck into my work load. I am a big believer in flexibility in work. So I aim to work when feeling my best and most focused. I am all about quality over quantity. I allow myself regular breaks from my desk to stretch and reset my posture, to eat and hydrate, and to spend time in the sun with my dog. These are the things that make me happy and contribute greatly to my productivity.

7. How do you balance fitness with work life?

Balancing fitness with work life is essential for me. I prioritise exercise in the morning so that it is out of the way and I’m not left tired in the evenings and deliberating a workout. It’s also better to do exercise in the morning to take advantage of morning cortisol. It’s not great to raise cortisol in the evening as it affects your sleep. Sleep is incredibly important to be able to focus, maintain a healthy weight and recover from exercise, so I avoid exercise into the evening at all costs. I like to also set goals in fitness as well as business so that I am achieving things in all areas of life. Recently I just ran my first marathon. This was 6 months of training. I am still recovering but soon I will begin my next big fitness goal.

8. What role has magnesium oil played in your fitness journey?

Magnesium oil has been a game-changer in my recovery. It has significantly aided in muscle recovery, reducing post-workout soreness, and promoting relaxation, which is crucial for staying active and energised. Salt Lab was an essential part of recovery for me during my training and post marathon. It helps my muscles to relax but also maximises my sleep which is essential for adaptation.

9. What benefits have you experienced from our Salt Lab magnesium products?

Using Salt Lab magnesium products has brought remarkable benefits to my well-being. Improved sleep quality, reduced muscle cramps, and increased muscle recovery are just a few of the positive effects I've experienced. The most profound experience was when I used the Magnesium Reset Bath Salts. I had the best sleep of my life after using it!

10. How does Salt Lab stand out to you, from other magnesium brands out there?

Salt Lab stands out to me due to its dedication to producing pure and high-quality magnesium products. The brand's commitment to transparency and focus on delivering effective solutions resonates with our values at MOBECO. Salt Lab is dedicated to peoples well being and educates their consumer which is incredibly empowering.

11. Top tip to get everyone moving today?

My top tip to get everyone moving today is to find joy in movement and don’t be afraid of pain. Whether it's trying a new form of exercise, exploring nature through hiking or biking, or simply dancing to your favourite tunes, finding joy in movement makes staying active a positive experience. Avoiding exercise to avoid pain is a common mistake. Your body is telling you something, you should listen and find safe ways to move through this restriction. Find a good trainer, physio or massage therapist and get on top of it. Incorporate gentle movement like yoga and pilates and supplement with self massage and magnesium for a well rounded self care and fitness routine. Embrace mindful movement for a healthier and happier life!


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