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Low Tox Living With Nicky Skinner Holistic Health Paed RN & Coach

Low Tox Living With Nicky Skinner Holistic Health Paed RN & Coach

Nicky Skinner is a Paed RN & Health Coach. A nurse gone natural, Nikki believes in holistic health and low tox living while enjoying mum life and wholefood sweet treats. Through her content and services she empowers others with natural alternatives. She also loves and uses our Magnesium Oil products. 

1. Hi Nicky! Thanks for speaking with us. Can you give us a quick snapshot of your wellbeing career?

I started as a radiographer, qualified from that, decided I wanted to be more involved with the patient journey so trained to be a nurse. After 7 years of tertiary health study, I worked for 12 years as a nurse in adult ED, paediatrics, community nursing and also paediatric ED. I then wanted to work with people more preventatively in the holistic space, so did my health coach training and along the way discovered low tox living. Now I combine my passion for root cause healing and low tox living and support people with the knowledge and skills to reduce their chemical burden and choose a natural approach to healing. 


2. Why did you make the transition to natural?

I became quite frustrated with the medical model of giving medication vs looking at WHY the symptoms were there to begin with. 


3. How has opting for natural alternatives helped you as a Mum?

As a mum, I feel EMPOWERED. Having a natural tool kit to reach for, before the pharmaceuticals is awesome. And my kids are learning this lifestyle which is amazing. 


4. What’s the easiest way for other people to transition to natural alternatives?

In my option, SLOWLY! And in community. Find a safe space (mine if you choose) to be around like minded people and ask questions. Start with issues that are common to your family, whether that's fevers, ear infections or stomach issues, and just try something natural BEFORE your usual medications. Having a mentor to guide you through these often anxiety inducing times can be so helpful. Also do your own research! Get books out from the library and dive into this stuff. 

5. What do you love about our Magnesium Oil?

I love how easy my magnesium spray is to apply, the feel is not sticky like a lot of sprays and the kids love it!


6. What benefits have your kids experienced?

It helps my kiddos with emotional regulation in the evenings when it can be crazy and they settle well after their baths with their spray and some essential oils applied. 


7. What advice do you give to other people wanting to use magnesium oil for the first time?

Just go for it! It’s safe and effective and a beautiful habit to add to the wellness routine. 


8. How can magnesium oil help with hormonal imbalances?

Magnesium oil can help with lowering stress levels and improving sleep, both of which are essential for balanced hormones.


9. Top natural wellbeing tip for the day?

Get sunshine first thing in the morning! It’s a brilliant way to regulate our circadian rhythm and help give us a deeper sleep at the other end of the day in addition to more energy throughout the day!