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Magnesium Oil: How Much & How Often

Magnesium Oil: How Much & How Often

You know the benefits of Magnesium Oil, you've purchased from Salt Lab's online store and have started to spray and feel the benefits - but what's the dosage? Glad you asked. Daily!

That's right. We recommend spraying our premium Magnesium Oil daily, to keep your Magnesium levels at optimum level and to help relieve pain, muscle cramps, tension and restless legs, while improving sleep and reducing anxiety. In fact, if you use it regularly, you are more likely to receive the benefits. 

Spray 2 - 6 sprays onto your stomach, legs, feet or back, and massage in daily. Apply every evening after your shower, to get the full benefits - when your skin is clean and warm, and your pores are more open.

Every spray is slightly different based on how much pressure you use, however we estimate on average about 55mg per 5 sprays. If you are still new to Magnesium you can dilute it with water to avoid the tingling sensation, while you build up your tolerance. 

You can leave Magnesium Oil on, or let it sit for 10 minutes to allow it to fully absorb and then wash it off. Always wash your hands after applying, to avoid contact with eyes or the mucus membranes. Once absorbed through your skin, the Magnesium will be carried to different parts of your body. 

You do not need to worry about overdosing when using topical magnesium. Upper limits are only set when using oral supplements, as large doses can have a laxative effect, due to it being a natural relaxant.

Toxic symptoms from increased magnesium intake are not common as the body eliminates excess amounts, unless there are serious problems with kidneys, however we always recommend speaking to your GP before starting any oral Magnesium supplements in addition to oil spray. 

Our premium Magnesium Oil is sourced from the pristine ice masses of the Tibetan Plateau. It will help you relax, unwind and spray away tensions, recharge your energy levels and prepare you for a good night's sleep. Our products are vegan, natural and non-toxic, plus they are formulated and made right here in Australia. We offer refills and bundles, so you can continue your daily dose without any interruptions. 


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