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Magnesium-Rich Choc Brownie Smoothie

Magnesium-Rich Choc Brownie Smoothie

An absolutely delicious and super simple magnesium rich smoothie recipe, packed with the good stuff to help you post workout, or when you are on-the-go. 


80g (1 medium) frozen banana

40g (1/2 a large) frozen avocado

30g chocolate protein powder (whey or pea protein)

50g Greek yoghurt or yoghurt of choice

1/2 handful of spinach

100ml milk of choice

1 tbsp cacao powder

Handful of ice

Optional Inclusions

Peanut butter, superfood powder, e.g. Maca powder, psyllium, nut butters, chia seeds


1. Add all ingredients into a blender cup. Note: add the liquid first so that none of the powder or yoghurt sticks to the bottom of the cup! I tend to add my milk/ water, then my ice and frozen fruit, then yoghurt and any powders last

2. Blend until the smoothie is to your desired consistency – feel free to add extra liquid or ice as needed to make it as runny or thick as you prefer

3. Serve immediately and top with berries, nuts or chia seeds

Serves: 1

250 calories, 6g fat, 20g carbs, 30g protein


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