Stress And Magnesium

Stress And Magnesium

Stress usually appears at the most inopportune times, or adds another problem to already difficult situations. It can test our emotions, weaken our immune system, and make pain or chronic conditions/illness worse.

We know that often, stressful events in our lives are unavoidable and living a life free from stress is not a realistic goal.

However, even though stressful situations are everywhere, there are ways to help our bodies handle stress better. One of these is looking after the body. Although that is easier said than done in our fast-paced world today.

It is often said that stress takes a toll on our magnesium levels, and it is true that when we feel stressed, it is not only a mental burden but also a physical one. Stress can be extremely taxing on our bodies, minds, and everything in between. When we face external stressors, our body begins to pump hormones into our system. Adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol are produced by our adrenal glands and, they kick us into Fight-or-Flight mode and increased body responsiveness.

When stress begins to accumulate, you may notice your breathing pace quickens, your muscles tense up and you become more alert and productive. These are all signs that these hormones have hit your bloodstream.

This level of alertness and heightened state is not a state we want to be in for long periods of time, it is extremely taxing on our body and in particular our mineral stores. 

Stress has been shown to significantly increase the rate at which you burn through your magnesium stores. This happens through your urine, the levels of magnesium in your urine increase when you are experiencing stressful situations or periods of time in your life.

So the more stress you experience, the more you visit the previously mentioned heightened state, the higher your possibility of deficiency is. The fact that most of us are already not getting enough magnesium means that stress will only lower those levels even further.

So, how can magnesium help?

An important factor is that when we do not get quality sleep, it affects our entire system; energy, emotions, memory, productivity, and food choices. This means we would not be as capable of handling potential challenges that occur during the day. This is where your daily dose of magnesium is essential, as it aids in getting deep restorative sleep. It is crucial to help you get through your days and weeks unharmed.

Many studies have shown the incredible ability magnesium has for battling stress, anxiety, anger and other negative emotional responses.

Muscles naturally relax and nerve excitability decreases with the use of magnesium, which is often employed to help with pain, muscle spasms, and cramping. So, by making sure your body is pain-free, your ability to handle external situations that may kick your cortisol into gear is significantly improved. 

In addition, magnesium aids in maintaining healthy brain function. Researchers in the field of mental health have finally acknowledged the importance of magnesium to our mental well-being. When we have sufficient magnesium stores our body's ability to manage stressful situations is greatly improved. Our moods are improved and more balanced and we feel better about ourselves. 

So while we can't always live a stress free life, we can support our body to manage stress better without side effects. We are fortunate that we have access to many forms of magnesium, it is easy to use, affordable and can increase our magnesium stores rapidly. So if you are going through a stressful period of your life, are feeling tired, out of control or just wanting to tap into a more calm and restful state look no further, magnesium oil may be the addition you need. 


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