The Magnesium Showdown: Topical vs. Oral

The Magnesium Showdown: Topical vs. Oral

Magnesium is the unsung hero in our quest for optimal health. It plays a vital role in countless bodily functions. The method of delivering this vital mineral remains a matter of debate. We might be a tad biased, but there's an excellent reason why we stand by the benefits of topical magnesium over oral supplements. Let’s explore further to understand the key differences. 

Why do we need magnesium supplements?

Magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in our bodies and is essential for our well-being. Our bodies, however, don't produce this vital mineral, meaning we rely on external sources to maintain sufficient levels. Historically, our primary source of magnesium was through our diet. However, changes in farming practices through chemical fertilisers have left our soils significantly depleted of nutrients, affecting the nutritional value of the food we consume. As a result, many people find it challenging to obtain enough magnesium solely from their diet, making supplements a necessary solution. 

Challenges of oral supplements

For ages, oral magnesium tablets have been the go-to choice. They're easily accessible and familiar, but here's the catch—they might not be as effective as we assume. Why? Breaking them down can be tricky, possibly reducing their effectiveness and causing them to pass quickly.

Enter Topical Magnesium Oil

Using a topical magnesium oil allows the mineral to bypass the digestive system entirely, offering direct absorption into the bloodstream. 

With a topical magnesium dosage adjustments are also easier, making it a fantastic option for the entire family. Our Magnesium Oil is a great addition to your little ones' nightly routine, alleviating growing pains, promoting deep restorative sleep, calming their nervous system, and enhancing overall balance.

Magnesium oil provides rapid absorption, making it an ideal choice for those seeking efficient results. Not only does it provide essential magnesium, but it also contributes to smoother, hydrated skin without any greasy residue.


How can topical magnesium oil help? 

Topical magnesium oil can be a great aid for discomforts. When it comes to period pain, the application of magnesium oil to the lower abdomen can be helpful. Its muscle-relaxing properties can also provide relief to individuals experiencing tension headaches and muscle cramps. 

Additionally, for those grappling with restless leg syndrome, applying the oil before bedtime can assist in calming the nerves and muscles, reducing symptoms and promoting better sleep. 


Embrace a solution that promotes deep sleep, relaxation, and balanced well-being. Try our Magnesium Oil today and experience the transformative benefits firsthand.


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