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We Interview Jess Morris, Wellness Influencer, Meditation Teacher and Pilates Instructor.

We Interview Jess Morris, Wellness Influencer, Meditation Teacher and Pilates Instructor.

Jess Morris is an Online Trainer at @hustl._, leads wellness retreats at @soma.byron and is an ambassador for @lskd. Jess shares everything she loves about magnesium oil and how her life has changed since becoming a mum-to-be. 


1. Love your classes, when did you start training in Pilates?

This warms my heart thank you! I trained in 2020.


2. Where did you complete your training?

Total Fusion Australia.


3. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Are you now specialising in perinatal?

Thank you! I did my pre & postnatal Pilates and Yoga training and filmed a series for Hustl online. I’m super excited to tap into this space as my family grows over the years.


4. How has your wellness and fitness routine changed since pregnancy?

It’s slowed down around 80%. Movement is harder. Mobility is challenging. Some weeks I find it hard to walk, others, a Pilates class leaves me feeling incredible. I’ve learnt to sleep in till mid morning. To say no to A LOT. My routine has changed in every way possible, but I’m really enjoying the more gentler pace.

5. What wellness advice do you have for pregnant women and new mums?

My advice would be to try your best to block out the noise. Let go of certain expectations you may have had for yourself. Every woman's journey is so wildly different and sometimes taking advice from others isn’t beneficial to your circumstances whatsoever. Truly just do what feels best for you, hour by hour.


6. What role has magnesium played in your wellness journey?

The reason I adore magnesium so much is because it’s helped me in so many different ways - the biggest benefits for me personally is that it helped reduce the feeling of anxiety. It eases tension and tightness in my body which as a fitness instructor is huge, and it has also improved my digestion massively!


7. What do you love most about our magnesium oil spray products?

I love the philosophy and ritual of all the Salt Lab magnesium oil products. Self-care can be so much more than a routine and I think your brand encompasses that so well. I’m also obsessed with the packaging hehe.


8. Have you fallen in love with the Hustl community just like we have?

They’re the best EVER!


9. Can you tell us about your retreats at SOMA?

My SOMA wellness retreats are my true passion. I run week-long all-female retreats in their beautiful space nestled in the Byron Bay hinterland. Think about daily rituals, yoga, meditation, pranayama, deeper and more meaningful conversations, sauna and ice baths, sound healing, acupuncture, nature bathing and so much more. 


10. Where do we sign up?

My retreats are sold out for this year but keep those little ears open for announcements on my 2024 retreats on my Instagram, TikTok and mailing list.


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