5 Signs you need magnesium oil in your daily routine

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5 Signs You Need Magnesium Apart Of Your Pregnancy Journey

Magnesium Oil and pregnancy are a match made in heaven, signs you need to add this addition today:

1 - Waking With Leg Cramps:
Those midnight leg cramps are no joke, they are also a little whisper from your body. Cramps are a very clear sign of magnesium deficiency, the addition of a few sprays to your feet/stomach before going to bed will see these disapear quickly.

2 - Reduce morning sickness and ease random pregnancy aches and pains:
Pregnancy increases the need for magnesium considerably, having low magnesium can cause nausea to be hightened. Similarly if you do not have sufficient magnesium levels, your body will feel more aches and pains and experience niggles alot more.

3 - Boosts mood: Magnesium acts as a coenzyme that helps to convert tryptophan to serotonin, a mood boosting neurotransmitter. Research supports the notion that magnesium supplementation may be beneficial for boosting mental health and helping to prevent postpartum depression and anxiety.

4 - Fall Asleep Faster Stay Asleep Longer:
By helping calm the body and quiet a racing mind, magnesium is essential for promoting a good night’s sleep and allowing us to fall into a deep restorative sleep. Our body uses the time of deep REM sleep to recover, it repairs and rebuilds damaged cells and prepares us for the day ahead.

5 - Relieves Headaches & Migraines:
Magnesium can be particularly helpful for people who suffer from headaches and migraines, helping to reduce their severity and how frequently they come on. Magnesium affects neurotransmitter function and blood circulation, and thus helps to relieve migraines by releasing pain-reducing hormones and reducing the constriction of blood vessels (vasoconstriction) that causes an increase in blood pressure.

We always recommend consulting your GP prior to using any supplements to ensure it is right for you during pregnancy but many of our mummas find huge benefits from using salt lab during this time.

Key benefits

Made In Australia

100% Australian Made & Owned Family Business

Made without

All Natural, No Nasties, No Heavy Metal Contamination

Fast Relief

High Concentration Giving Fast Relief

Salt Lab's Magnesium Oil Spray was designed with a specific purpose in mind: to provide an effortless and natural way for you to unwind at night and feel revitalised in the mornings. By promoting deep, restful sleep, this easy-to-use product helps you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to take on the day.

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"This product has been amazing alleviating my leg cramps during my later stages of pregnancy. Highly recommend to all the mummas out there!"

- Vanessa Parker

Frequently asked questions

Where do I apply and how many sprays?

Always start by applying 2-4 sprays to your feet only for a few weeks, this will alow your body to adapt. After an introduction period you can apply 4-6 sprays to your stomach as well, this is best for deep restorative sleep and to increase your overall magnesium levels. Once your body has adjusted you can apply to more sensitive areas, like your legs, arms, shoulders or anywhere else that is feeling tight or sore.

How often can I use the magnesium oil?

One of the best things about topical magnesium supplementation is your body will self regulate and only absorb what is needed. So ensure you have a good covering of the area you are applying to and let your body do the rest. You can apply as many times throughout the day as you need, We recommend the evening before bed as a non-negotiable.

Can magnesium oil be used throughout pregnancy?

Definitely! There are no nasties in our products, it is all natural and is safe for you and your bub throughout pregnancy and post pregnancy. Not only will it help with the aches and pains our bodies experience during pregnancy, it will help with ensuring you get a good night sleep and can be applied directly to your sore areas (ie: lower back or the dreaded calf cramps). Magnesium is an essential mineral to support the growth of a healthy bub and our need for this mineral increases when we are pregnant. As all pregnancies are different we always recommend consulting your GP prior to using any supplements to ensure it is right for you.

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