An Interview with Leane Flynn, an inspiring story of courage, resilience, hope and gratitude.

An Interview with Leane Flynn, an inspiring story of courage, resilience, hope and gratitude.

At Salt Lab, we believe in shining a light on extraordinary humans. Today, we have the privilege of sharing an incredibly inspiring story — a remarkable woman who is facing ovarian cancer with grace and determination. In this Q+A Leane generously shares her journey, insights, and the power of self-care during challenging times. 

Thank you for sharing your story and experience with Ovarian Cancer. When were you diagnosed?  

 I was diagnosed in April 2017.  Ovarian cancer is known as the “silent killer” because the symptoms are so vague it is often found in the later stages.  I was diagnosed with Stage 3C Advanced Serous ovarian cancer.

How has your life changed?

Once you’ve been told you have cancer everything changes.  Although I was diagnosed 6 years ago I have been in constant chemotherapy because the cancer keeps returning.  I am incurable and will be in treatment until I die.  Ovarian cancer has a 90% recurrence rate.

You are incredibly brave in sharing your journey online. How has this helped you?

Sharing my story has helped me accept my fate and empowered me to leave a legacy when I’m gone.  I’m hoping in my lifetime I will see an early-detection test for ovarian cancer that will save women’s lives.

How can we support the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation?  

Put simply, we need more funds to support research.  If everyone was to donate simply $5 this would be enough to make a difference.  Having said that, we need ongoing funding because most of the research takes 10 years or more to achieve results.

How have your magnesium levels been affected?  

Chemotherapy leeches the magnesium from your body, and as a result, I have been receiving weekly magnesium infusions.  These have not helped me get my levels anywhere near “normal”. 

What symptoms do you experience with lower magnesium?  

 I suffer from constant muscle aches and poor sleep and I often limp because of the pain in my legs.

Having tried Salt’s Lab’s topical Magnesium products, what benefits did you experience?  

I noticed an immediate improvement in my sleep and the restless legs I would struggle with at night decreased.

When and how do you use Salt Lab’s Magnesium Oil? 

I use the oil of an evening mainly on my legs - where I feel most of the pain.

You have a great support network around you and have been involved in some great initiatives. What’s next for you and your family? 

 My husband and 3 daughters prioritise our time together above all else.  We make sure that we make as many memories as possible and we are united in our efforts to change the outcomes for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

What advice do you have for other women living with Ovarian Cancer? 

Try to not let the cancer steal your happiness.  Find the joy in every day.


We are so grateful for the opportunity to hear from Leane, her journey serves as a powerful reminder of the human spirit's capacity to overcome adversity.

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