Magnesium For Gut Relief

Magnesium For Gut Relief

Easy to use, all-natural and required by nearly every cell in our body. Do you struggle with digestive discomfort, stomach cramps during your cycle or general boating and gassy-ness?

A lot of us have tummy troubles from time to time and I’m not just talking about the over-eating kind of tum problems. In fact, Better Health Victoria estimates that one in five Australian adults will suffer from the effects of Irritable Bowel Syndrome during their lifetime, and as we grow older our bodies change and start to reject the things we once loved and it can turn our gut health into a real tizzie.

There are heaps of things that can cause tummy upsets - crampy, tight muscles, stress, poor diet and lack of exercise. Not to mention too much vino. And that leg of dodgy chicken.

Often, taking a Panadol and having a glass of water, or simply ‘riding it out’ are the ways we cope with a sore tummy or other digestive upsets. However, we are missing one simple mineral that can help us - magnesium. This little miracle mineral does heaps of things in our bodies that are essential for maintaining health digestion and looking after your gut.

What does magnesium do to help with digestion and other tummy troubles?

Magnesium is an essential part of helping our body to make the most of minerals and enzymes like potassium, zinc, copper, vitamin D and calcium, which all aid with digestion. It also helps your muscles to work properly, so they can contract and release which is essential for digestion.

Magnesium will activate enzymes that help you make the most of digestion, by helping your body to get as many nutrients as it can out of what you eat.

It also helps your muscles to relax, which means you are less likely to get cramps in your stomach (which we all know is PAINFUL AF).

How can I get more magnesium into me?

There are a few ways. Between multivitamins, magnesium tablets, magnesium powder and upping your intake of green veggies, you can always find a way to get more into your diet. However, the most effective way for your body to absorb magnesium is through your skin. That’s why we’ve got two products that will help you get the good stuff into your gut, quick sticks.

Our magnesium oil spray can be applied anywhere on your body (including your tummy) and rubbed in until it absorbs into your skin. Otherwise, our deconstructed magnesium bath bombs are a way to relax and get a hit of magnesium at the same time. Win!


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