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Incorporating Magnesium into Your Daily Routine

Let's delve into the key moments of each day, discovering how the incorporation of magnesium can turn each one into a mindful step towards a more relaxed, energised, and revitalised you. From morning rituals to winding down at night, Salt Lab's magnesium products seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, offering relief from tension, fatigue, and the restless nights that have become far too familiar. Join us as we explore the magic of magnesium from sunrise to sunset, making each moment a celebration of well-being.

Incorporating Magnesium into Your Daily Routine


Morning Boost

As the sun rises, kickstart your day with the energy-boosting properties of magnesium. Start your day by adding magnesium chloride flakes to your bath. The transdermal absorption of magnesium through your skin helps jumpstart your metabolism and promotes overall well-being.

For those on the go, our magnesium oil spray is a game-changer. A quick spritz on your neck and shoulders while sipping your morning coffee or tea can help alleviate tension built up from the day before. In the mornings focus on applying the magnesium above your heart. This ensures quicker absorption into your bloodstream, promoting energy and tension relief. It's a small ritual that sets a positive tone for the day, keeping you rejuvenated and ready to conquer whatever comes your way.


Mid-Morning Refresh

Navigating the mid-morning slump can be a challenge. Consider incorporating magnesium into your mid-morning routine to combat fatigue and boost mental clarity. Direct the magnesium spray towards your neck and shoulders to efficiently absorb tension and promote mental clarity, enhancing your mid-morning refresh.

Incorporating topical magnesium during this time ensures that you're not just addressing your physical fatigue but also promoting a calm and focused mind. It's a holistic approach to keeping your energy levels up and maintaining productivity without the need for another cup of coffee.


Lunchtime Recharge

Midday is the perfect moment to focus on digestion. Our magnesium spray is tailored to aid digestion, ensures a post-lunch boost, keeping you focused and revitalised. Directly apply the magnesium spray to your stomach area for efficient digestion support, ensuring sustained energy for the tasks ahead.

This targeted application on your stomach area ensures that your digestive system receives the support it needs. As you nourish your body with lunch, don't forget to promote a healthy digestive process and maintain sustained energy throughout the day.


Afternoon Relief

As the day progresses, so do the stresses on your body. Whether you're dealing with a desk job or physical labour, magnesium can offer relief. A magnesium oil spray applied to sore muscles can provide quick relief from overworked muscle pain. Its transdermal nature ensures fast absorption, bringing comfort to the areas that need it most. Apply the magnesium oil spray to areas of soreness and tension in the back and shoulders, ensuring deep penetration for maximum relief.

Don't let the afternoon slump dictate the tone of your evening. Instead, use magnesium to keep your body in top form, promoting a sense of well-being that lasts until the day winds down.


Nighttime Tranquilly

The day is done, and it's time to unwind. Make your evening bath a ritual of relaxation and rejuvenation with our magnesium bath salts. Soaking in a magnesium-rich bath not only nourishes your skin but also helps your body absorb this essential mineral, setting the stage for a restful night's sleep. Add a generous amount of magnesium bath salts to your evening bath. This enhances absorption and promotes profound relaxation for a peaceful night's sleep.

Incorporating magnesium into your nighttime routine is particularly beneficial for those struggling with sleep issues or restless legs. Our magnesium sleep spray is designed to calm the nervous system, promoting a sense of tranquillity that is essential for falling into a deep and restorative sleep.


From sunrise to sunset, Salt Lab's magnesium products seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, offering relief from tension, fatigue, and sleepless nights. The power of magnesium is not just about individual moments; it's about creating a lifestyle that prioritises your well-being.

Embrace the magnesium lifestyle with Salt Lab and unlock the potential for better sleep, faster recovery, and being your best self everyday.


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