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"Extreme exhaustion led me to create the most trusted, high-quality, topical magnesium oil on the market."

"Extreme exhaustion led me to create the most trusted, high-quality, topical magnesium oil on the market."

Salt Lab's premium Magnesium Oil products were developed by Melbourne Mumma and health expert Clementine Boshevski. This former Gym Owner, PT, Nutritionist, and Health Coach, had a “no rest for the wicked” mentality which ultimately led to major health issues and extreme exhaustion.

To overcome a hormone imbalance, depleted adrenal glands, and chronic high cortisol production, Clementine undertook two years of research and development where she developed a holistic remedy to treat her body's magnesium deficiency.

She couldn't find a clean, high-quality Magnesium Oil that was Australian Made and Owned. Everything she tried felt tacky on the skin and didn't give her the results she was looking for. So she set out to create her own - and Salt Lab was born. A 100% natural, Australian Made, topical magnesium oil that has helped thousands of customers relax, recover and sleep.

"I opened a gym in Williamstown and through that I just hit total burn out. I was seeing a natural therapist and he told me that I needed to be taking magnesium. The magnesium powders were just going straight through me. When I did my research on magnesium oil I couldn't find one on the market that didn't contain heavy metals, medications or that was manufactured in Australia, so there was a definite gap in the market." Clementine Boshevski. 

Fast forward 5yrs and Salt Lab has grown to become the most trusted, high-quality, topical magnesium oil on the market.

⭐️ Hundreds of 5 star reviews
😴 Helps you relax at the end of the day
💧Absorbs quickly without sticky residue
🦵 Calms restless legs
☀️ Wake feeling refreshed
🍃 All-natural, Australian Made and vegan friendly
🌱 Refill pouches using 80% less plastic than bottles

"Magnesium as a mineral is the fourth most abundant mineral in our body. Our body doesn't reproduce it, you need to get it from external sources. It helps with calming the nervous system, reducing muscle soreness and cramps. It is dubbed the magic mineral and once you start supplementing with it, you realise why."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "I have suffered from restless legs for years. After using Salt Lab I can now fall asleep much easier and no longer feel the need to move my legs all the time." - Susan | Verified Customer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ " Since using Salt Lab my sleep has become deeper and longer and I am waking up feeling refreshed. I have struggled to sleep all night for years... I can honestly say that this product has broken that cycle and I am now feeling much better" - Georgie | Verified Customer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ " Immediately after using the Salt Lab spray I slept peacefully without waking. Also bought for my mother who is also enjoying a deeper sleep! Highly recommended!" - Angela | Verified Customer

You’ll wish you discovered it earlier!
> www.saltlaboratory.com.

"Nutrition is the why behind the brand. I started Salt Lab with the purpose of making people to feel better. I recently received an email from a customer who's father has such bad arthritis he couldn't pick her kids up off the ground. She explained that he had been using our products for the last three weeks and he could now pick them up. And I was just like - my job is done."

Clementine, a Melbourne base nutritionist and personal trainer launched the brand in 2017 when she experienced complete burnout, resulting in hormonal issues, insomnia and severe nervous system disruption. She was advised to take Magnesium, however her system was so under the pump, powders and pills were going straight through her, so she turned her focus to topical magnesium supplements.

Now a mum of 3 (2yo, 4yo, 6yo) Clementine and her family are travelling Australia in their caravan while running Salt Lab on the road. Salt Lab customers reach out to Clementine all the time with the most incredible stories and results of how her product has changed their life, and she is determined to share these results in the hope it helps as many people as possible.


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