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Tahlia Swartz Interview: Helping women balance their hormones & heal their gut naturally.

In this exclusive interview, we explore Tahlia Swartz's journey from overcoming personal health struggles to becoming a Naturopath and Business Mentor specialising in women's hormonal balance and gut health. Tahlia shares practical advice, emphasising the importance of holistic approaches and dispelling misconceptions about quick fixes. From prioritising basics like quality sleep and nutrition to advocating for magnesium supplementation, Tahlia's expertise shines as she guides us towards optimal health!
Tahlia Swartz Interview: Helping women balance their hormones & heal their gut naturally.

Hi Tahlia! Thanks for collaborating with us. Can you give us a quick snapshot of your wellbeing career?

Yes absolutely - I’m a naturopath who specialises in Hormone and Gut Health. I am the head naturopath at my online clinic ‘Gaia Health Space’ and have supported hundreds of women on their health journey. 


Can you share a bit about your personal journey with hormonal health and gut healing, and how it influenced your career path?

So I originally turned to naturopathy when I was struggling with digestive issues and post-pill amenorrhea (absent period) in my early 20s. I was frustrated with the lack of support from modern medicine and felt dismissed. I was amazed at how well natural medicine worked for me. I was so impressed that I dropped out of my uni degree and decided to become a naturopath so I could help women on the same path.


What’s the easiest way for other people to transition to natural alternatives?

I always encourage my clients to start with the basics and make one change at a time so it’s not so overwhelming. E.g. get a water filter, shop for products at your local farmers market, invest in good quality meat, move your body daily, prioritise sleep hygiene. I think we under-estimate the power of nailing the basics! 


Tahlia Swartz Naturopath


In your experience, what are the most common misconceptions women have about addressing hormonal imbalances and improving gut health naturally?

Definitely that it’s a quick fix. There’s so many supplements and remedies out there these days but unfortunately to really get to the root cause and take a holistic approach, it won’t happen overnight! It takes time, patience, trust and dedication.


Can you share some practical tips for women looking to naturally balance their hormones.

My top tips would be prioritising the basics as I discussed earlier, food quality, good sleep, moving your body and keeping stress levels down. I also recommend switching personal care products to natural options, as many of the day to day products women use contain harmful endocrine disrupting chemicals.


How do stress and sleep patterns impact women, and what advice do you offer to address these factors?

Sleep is so important, our circadian rhythm influences our hormones dramatically. Prioritising a wind down routine and getting enough sleep will have a positive effect on all areas of health. I encourage my clients to limit time on screens, reduce bright lights around the house, limit caffeine after midday and to aim for 8 hours sleep per night. When we sleep better, we are more resilient to stress and everyday challenges, and when stress is low our hormones are happier!


Tahlia Swartz Naturopath


What do you love about Salt Lab Magnesium Oil?

I love how convenient it is to spray on before bed and how well it absorbs to support sleep!


How can Magnesium Oil help with hormonal imbalances? 

Magnesium is my favourite prescription for clients. Most women are magnesium deficient, so increasing magnesium can not only support sleep, but energy production and hormones as well. 


Finally, what are your future goals and aspirations and what are you excited about in 2024? 

I’m excited to expand my clinic with new practitioners, release my hormone ebook ‘Ebb and Flow’ and to keep supporting women on their health journey.


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